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Trucking News

ECTTS Brings Work Trucks to cover ANY Job to American Towman Expo Atlantic City!

See What's In Store at the 31st Annual American Towman Association Expo! --11/22/2019 The biggest event coming to Atlantic City this season, the American Towman Association's Exposition XXXI is taking place December 4-7, 2019. After spending the last few years attending the event in Baltimore, we're super excited to see our Atlantic City friends for [...]

Don’t Miss the 2019 NACV Atlanta Show!

You do not want to miss this year's North American Commercial Vehicle Show. This amazing commercial trade show is coming around the bend to Atlanta from October 28 to 31, 2019. At East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales, it's our first time exhibiting at NACV, and we are ready for the fun! NACV is the [...]

Time for the 2019 Tennessee Tow Show! — Join Us for the Fun!

Enjoy Special Discounts & New Products Making Their Debut! The 2019 Tennessee Tow Show is right around the corner! With new dates this year, the Tow Show will take place in Chattanooga from October 10-13, 2019 — and we are so excited you wouldn't believe it! It's the perfect time of year to enjoy the [...]

Don’t Miss the Fun: The Midwest Regional Tow Show Is Here!

Mark Your Calendars for Sept 27-29 Here comes the Midwest Regional Tow Show — the biggest tow show in the whole Midwest! Where else can you meet up with friends and colleagues, all while checking out cool new rigs and equipment? Personally, we can't wait! At East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales, this is one of our [...]

Staying Awake–Tips for Tow Truck Drivers

Thirty-seven percent of people admitted to falling asleep behind the wheel. Here’s what to do to make sure you’re not one of them. Fatigued driving is an issue not to be treated lightly, especially among truck drivers or towing operators. After driving long hours, it is understandable that one will feel tired and even unintentionally [...]

Preparing for Brake Safety Week

Before Inspection Reminder -09/10/2019 To help you better prepare for this week-long inspection spree we went directly to the source, the CVSA, to bring you helpful resources and educational materials. There's also plenty of additional information worth checking out on the CVSA website. Download and Print these CVSA Resources to Brush-up on Your Brake Knowledge: [...]

What inspectors will be looking for during CVSA’s Brake Safety Week

  The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Sept. 15-22 with a focus on brake hoses and tubing, and if the results of June’s 72-hour International Roadcheck inspection blitz are any indicator, trouble lies ahead for many operators. CVSA placed 12,019 trucks and 2,784 drivers out of service, accounting for [...]

How To Best Prepare For CVSA Brake Safety Week

The CVSA Brake Safety Week Rundown: --9/8/19 The trucking world is all about dates so here are a few more to keep in mind: CVSA 2019 Brake Safety Week is September 15-21. That’s right, we’re only one month out from the CVSA truck inspection frenzy. Are you prepared?? During brake safety week, law enforcement officials will [...]

Take a Minute, Thank a Driver It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

09/08/2019 It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, the time of year when motor carriers and others connected to trucking make a special effort to recognize the professionals who keep the freight moving. Throughout the week, special events will take place to honor them, and many of those events will feature food. Lots of it. So [...]

Mark your calendar, Brake Safety Week is Sept. 15-21

CVSA Brake Safety Week Targets Hoses, Tubing -09/05/2019 The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Brake Safety Week is scheduled for Sept. 15-21. Throughout that week, enforcement officials will conduct roadside safety inspections on commercial motor vehicles throughout North America. Vehicles with critical brake violations, or other critical vehicle inspection item violations, will be restricted from [...]

NTDAW Makes Big-League Move With Trucking Day at Nationals Park

-08/22/2019 If you’ve ever enjoyed nachos or a hot dog at baseball game, you have a truck driver to thank for transporting it. On Sept. 13, American Trucking Associations will do just that as it honors truck drivers during a major league baseball game on Trucking Day at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. The event [...]

Join East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales at the Dallas Tow Show Aug. 15-18, 2019

Hook Up With Great Deals on Towing Parts & Supplies at the 2019 Dallas Tow Expo The Dallas Tow Expo happening this week is a must-do event for towing and recovery professionals — East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales will be there with the latest in Jerr-Dan wreckers plus two semi truckloads of towing equipment [...]

How The Car Towing Field is Born

The Debut of This Great Industry -08/08/2019 It All Started With The Old Professor In 1916, Cadillacs and Ford Model T’s where the main types of cars that people use to travel around places. One day, a mechanic from Chattanooga, Tennessee named Ernest Holmes received a call from his old professor saying that his Ford [...]

Points to Note in Carrying Out Heavy Duty Towing

Safety Measure to Carry Out to Prevent Damage and Injuries -08/06/2019 Heavy duty towing is not an easy job, and not all the tow truck companies are capable of carry out this task. In order to execute a flawless tow, it requires experience, skills and great attention to complete the job. Here we shall examine [...]

Business A guide to owner-operator success

Winning trucking company strategies for owner-ops -08/02/2019 A detailed, thoughtfully written business plan is more than just an outline from which to start a business. It’s the guide you use to be successful.  Following is a list of solid reasons why a trucking company needs to have a business plan. Set specific objectives. To correctly [...]

After the crash: What to do

How Transportation Professionals Can Limit Liability -07/24/2019 Anyone even loosely involved in the transportation industry is familiar with the increased demand and rapid growth of the last few years. For example, motor carriers are busier than ever. The booming economy has increased the amount of freight needing to be transported, so transportation companies report they [...]

Vintage Navy Aircraft Recovery

Vintage Navy Aircraft Recovery -07/24/2019 Kelvin and Janette Ramer established Auto Care Lifesaver Towing in Watsonville, California, in 1991. The business has been family owned and operated for the last 28 years and has expanded to include Kelvin’s brother Clinton, as well as the Ramers’ children Rosalee and Ben. They maintain a fleet of 16 [...]

How To Help Drivers Ace CVSA’s Operation Safe

Driver Behavior Still Causes Over 88% Of Large Truck Crashes 07/12/2019   Driver behavior is the reason for over 88 percent of large truck crashes and 93 percent of passenger vehicle crashes1. Despite the evidence, many commercial and passenger vehicle drivers continue to partake in risky driving. The impact of these behaviors – such as [...]

CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week Set for July 14-20 with a Focus on Speeding

Officers Will Be Focusing On Catching Speeding And Distracted Drivers. 07/12/2019- Drivers’ actions contributed to a staggering 94 percent of all traffic crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 2015 Traffic Safety Facts report. In response to this issue, law enforcement personnel will be on the lookout for commercial motor vehicle drivers [...]

Yes, That Nationwide Driver Crackdown Is Just A Few Days Away

Emphasis for This Year’s Driver Enforcement Campaign Is Speeding 07/12/2019 You’ve got just a few more days to get yourself ready for a weeklong driver-focused enforcement campaign. This year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week will be held on July 14 — 20 throughout North America. The emphasis for this year’s [...]

Drivers Who Ignore Va.’s Move Over law Could Face Harsher Punishment

July 1st Virginia's Move Over Law Just Toughened The Penalties There are just a few of the hundreds of new laws going into effect on July 1st in the Commonwealth. But there are two super important ones that Virginia Auto Transport drivers need to know. 1. Failure to Move Over for Emergency Vehicles Is Reckless Driving Virginia has had a "Move Over Law" that requires [...]

Driving forces: Women taking on more lucrative trucker jobs

OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS OF BEING A TOW TRUCK DRIVER You hear complaints about today's truck driver shortage almost as much as you hear them about the weather. So why aren't more fleets and trucking companies trying to increase their drivers from the most obviously underrepresented population demographic among professional drivers out there: Women? According to the [...]

Tow Truck Drivers Face Many Hazards on the Roads

Potential Risks of Being a Tow Truck Driver Those drivers who are considering a tow truck driver career or operating their own tow truck business should be aware that it is a very dangerous job. Injuries and fatalities are very high among tow truck drivers. Accidents regularly occur when the tow truck driver is loading a vehicle onto the [...]

Where Car Crashes and Hazardous Waste Spills Are a Good Thing

Cleaning up Spills in First Responder Training An aerial view of the training track for first responders on the grounds of the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s training center in Nashville. Tennessee Highway Patrol NASHVILLE, Tenn. — About a dozen miles from downtown, in a wooded area on the grounds of a former state mental health institution, [...]

Safety on the Road

OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS OF BEING A TOW TRUCK DRIVER Safety on the Road Every occupation has its own risks, big or small. While being on the road is a risk in itself, tow truck drivers face even more challenges than a regular motorist. They may be heroes to those stuck on the side of the road [...]

Sleep Apnea & Safe Driving

Sleep Apnea & Safe Driving The Truckers & Turnover Project, led by Stephen Burks, with the University of Minnesota Morris, has earned the University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies 2019 Robert C. Johns Research Partnership Award for researching commercial drivers and untreated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In the study, the research team identified that non-adherent drivers [...]

Beating The Blitz: Highway Patrol Shares Inspection Tips Ahead Of CVSA Roadcheck Blitz

Make Sure All Of The Axles Are Aligned Properly, Not Just The Steer   5-30-19 Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Trooper Bobby Simmons is hunched over in the inspection pit at the Sneads weigh station on I-10 as he grabs the Freightliner’s steering tie rod and checks it for a tight fit. He inspects tie [...]


Truck driving jobs mean you live in your truck, and living in your truck means you need to pack it all! The essentials, entertainment options and work related items for a smooth ride. With this checklist, you’ll be able to pack the important stuff!   Infographic courtesy of CDL Jobs

How systematic are you in your maintenance process?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently announced that it is gathering information on the role of maintenance in vehicle safety. One area FMCSA wants to focus on is understanding what is meant by “systematic.” Current regulations say that fleets must have programs to “systematically inspect, repair and maintain” trucks. However, there is no clear-cut definition [...]

What does PM (preventive maintenance) really mean?

What does PM really mean? In some cases it means lights out, afternoon, or even after dark — as in post-meridian. But in other cases, "PM" is surrounded by a lack of understanding at a moment in time. It is clear that PM has different meanings to each person responsible for managing or performing the preventive maintenance process. Therefore, [...]


Wire rope is the lifeline of your tow truck. We’ll help you understand the terminology, construction and ratings of wire rope. We’ll also give you advice on what type of rope to buy, how to attach it to a hook without losing towing capacity, how to inspect and maintain it, how to prevent damage, and [...]

Maintenance considerations for air disc brakes

Air disc brakes (ADB) continue to grow in popularity, and there are a number of reasons for this. Improved safety, shorter stopping distances, consistent stopping power and more efficient maintenance practices all help to lower both the cost per mile as well as vehicle downtime. As an example, the estimated time for a wheel-end drum [...]

Vehicle Wrap Statistics

More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers. Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicle impressions. The average American has traveled 302 miles in the past 7 days. Outdoor advertising deliver immediate results for advertisers. 29% say outdoor advertising caused them to visit a retail store [...]

Will you survive winter?

You can’t prevent or ignore temperatures below zero, ice, snow, sleet, deicing chemicals. You can, however, spend time before bad weather sets in getting your trucks ready for winter’s onslaught and then pay extra attention to a few specific areas during the winter. If you follow these tips, winter is likely to be less harsh for you. [...]

Middleweights doing big jobs

Ram Chassis Cab Not to be outdone by their more numerous light-duty siblings, medium-duty trucks covering Classes 4-6 have been the object of a flurry of development and experimentation the last few years. They're often on the job with upfit bodies of various kinds serving trades and utilities or handling last-mile and metro/urban-area deliveries and [...]

5 ways to prep for the downturn: With the economy cooling, owner-operators must be ready for leaner times

The final quarter of 2018 presented more mixed results for freight indicators than the roar of late 2017 and the first half of 2018. Still, rates remained near historic highs as trucking capacity held tight. As the year ended, the economy appeared stable despite that lull. Little risk of a recession looms for 2019, with [...]

Truckers with depression find hope and others to listen online

Veteran driver Michael Suson came home one day and told his wife that a colleague had shot himself dead. The driver had suffered from depression. Suson, who had been driving for over 25 years knew about truckers and their high incidence of depression – he also suffered its effects – but until about four years ago, he [...]

MDOT Demonstrates ‘Move Over’ Law

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Every day, thousands of emergency responders put their lives on the line to save others. While the rapid response is crucial, several workers have died over the years in the line of duty. More than 500 people die in traffic crashes every year in Maryland. Dozens of emergency responders have been killed or [...]

ELDs and trucking: A pain in the neck (and back and elsewhere)

About 60% of Canadian truck drivers suffer from musculoskeletal (MSD) pain – aching in their muscles and bones – because of their job, according to researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario. The results mirror those of US drivers' health and wellbeing studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control. "It’s not that surprising that muscular skeletal disorders [...]

Tow truck driver hailed hero after helping state trooper with traffic stop moments before dying

ARCOLA, Texas -- A former Arcola City Council member died a hero, a state trooper wrote in a moving Facebook post. The story of how Glenn "Bam Bam" Sanco lived out the final hours of his life has been shared hundreds of times, and is giving comfort to his grieving widow. "He had my back [...]

Poor dental health on the road can turn fatal

dental health man covering mouthImagine visiting the dentist for what you think is a quick pain fix and ending up in a hospital emergency room?

Dr. Thomas Roemer, the dentist at the Iowa 80 Truckstop, has seen it too many times. His practice is 95% emergency, drop-in care, but too often it’s beyond any dental intervention.

“My biggest advice to truck drivers is to keep themselves out of a medical emergency by making sure a dental problem doesn’t turn into a medical problem…I’m not here to say to [most of my patients], ‘Hey, you need to get your teeth cleaned and examined.’ We’re beyond that. It’s a situation where they have to get some kind of care to try to stay out the medical emergency room. I know I keep saying ‘medical, but there’s a handful of guys over the years I’ve sent to the hospital because I can’t even […]


Winter trucking safety tips for truckers: driving a tractor-trailer in serious winter conditions, demands a specific set of skills for all drivers, especially big rig drivers. Too many drivers on the highways do not alter their driving skills, when driving in poor weather conditions, on snow-covered or icy roads. Good maneuvering and skid control skills [...]

Truckers: Stay ahead of the cold

Chilly days out there this winter across America—it's the perfect time for stuff on a truck to break, and you really don't want it to.  Trucking is an industry where the work always gets done, no matter the challenges – and there are many challenges. Staying on top of new legislation and regulation, monitoring new technologies and their benefits, and creating a [...]

Tesla wraps matte black Semi prototype in stunning red amid continued road tests

Tesla is yet to provide any details behind its decision to change the color of one of its Semi test mules. That said, the new wrap does make the vehicle stand out more, resulting in more visibility for the upcoming all-electric long-hauler. With such an eye-popping color scheme, after all, the vehicle would likely catch [...]

5 tips for truckers away from home for the holidays

It’s rarely easy to be away from friends and family during Christmas or New Year’s, but there are things drivers can do to make the holidays more full of cheer. Few people want to be at work during the holidays. But for many truckers, that is their fate this time of year as they work [...]

Truckers pick the best truck stops for 2018

Each year, Trucker Path compiles a list of the Top 100 Truck Stops in the United States and Canada as rated by truckers, for truckers. The multi-dimensional app utilizes crowd-sourcing technology to make it easy for users to not only view, but also report parking space availability and weigh station statuses throughout the United States [...]

Barrar’s Bill to Authorize Tow Truck Lights and Increase Safety Becomes Law

HARRISBURG, PA-Legislation sponsored by Rep. Steve Barrar (R-Chester/Delaware) that would better protect tow truck operators by authorizing the use of emergency lights to increase other drivers’ visibility was recently signed into law. House Bill 1414, now Act 83, authorizes flashing yellow and white lights on tow trucks, yellow strobe lights for solid waste collection vehicles [...]

Dolly Safety Revealed

Reading through the various towing forums, the uninitiated can draw multiple conclusions over a single event—often erroneously. Much of the disparity in operating the self-loading dolly stems from a lack of uniform training or, for some, any real training at all. We are here to help. Since first coming to the scene in 1972, self-loading [...]


Customer Satisfaction Program 17B30 – Camshaft Roller Follower Replacement – 2012-2016 Ford F-450-F-750 & F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis   July 26, 2018 TO: All U.S. Ford and Lincoln Dealers SUBJECT: Customer Satisfaction Program 17B30 – Supplement #2 Certain 2012-2016 Model Year F-450 – F-750 and F-59 Commercial Stripped Chassis Vehicles Equipped with a 6.8L Engine Camshaft Roller Follower Replacement   New! REASON FOR THIS SUPPLEMENT Owner Refunds:  The Owner Refund expiration date has been [...]

Hurricane Michael relief drivers exempt from HOS rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA) has exempted motor carriers and drivers involved in Hurricane Michael relief efforts in eight states from Hours of Service and other parts of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, or FMCSRs, in an extended regional emergency declaration. “Catastrophic Hurricane Michael continues to intensify as it approaches the Florida Panhandle," AccuWeather [...]

Catching fatigue and distractions before they happen

Driving a truck is a difficult and often grueling job. That is why many drivers wrongly believe they are supposed to be tired, said Al LaCombe, vice present of safety and risk management for Dupré Logistics in Lafayette, LA. Dupré began addressing fatigue in 2001, when it hired Circadian Technologies to help devise a management [...]

5 Heart Disease Myths Busted As World Heart Day Approaches

World Heart Day is Sept. 29 and the World Heart Federation, which is made up of members such as the American Heart Association, is busting five common myths about heart disease. 1. “Heart disease only affects older people.” FALSE. Heart disease is not limited to one particular age group. The World Heart Federation cites data [...]

Expediter Services, Women In Trucking team up to help women start their own transportation businesses

Expediter Services and the Women In Trucking Association have reached a new milestone in their collaborative effort to create 150 women-owned businesses in transportation. The program announced that it had welcomed its 50th participant last week. The 150 Business Challenge gives women the opportunity to start their own small businesses in transportation, many as owner-operators [...]

From yoga to cooking in the cab, a healthy lifestyle starts with the choices drivers make

Hope Zvara and Phil Knuckey co-founded Mother Trucker Yoga, and Tom Kryk is a blogger at Road Tested Living, a cook, and a truck driver. The three of them are among the presenters at GATS (and there are a lot of them) touting their knowledge, but also pitching a common theme: it’s about doing what you [...]


Jerr-Dan Corporation (Hagerstown, Maryland) recently sold its first rotator in the state of California to Frank Scotto Towing in Torrance, California. The sale of this 50/60 Ton, Tandem Steer JFB Rotator reinforces Jerr-Dan’s steady west coast expansion strategy.

“We are honored that Frank Scotto Towing and the Van Lingen Group would be the first to secure a Jerr-Dan rotator in California,” said Jeff Irr, senior director of marketing and sales, Jerr-Dan.  “As we expand our presence and offerings on the West Coast, we continue to partner with our Jerr-Dan distributors to offer towers the solutions they need.”

Frank Scotto Towing is part of the Van Lingen Group of companies.  As a third-generation family-owned and operated business, Van Lingen is southern Los Angeles’ most trusted name in towing and recovery. With four locations, Van Lingen is a leader in swift, efficient, one-call-and-done towing service for businesses and municipalities alike.

“We find the Jerr-Dan to be the best […]

Impact of the 2018 Tax Changes for Truck Drivers

No one likes change, but there is typically a light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least that's what over-the-road company truck drivers are hoping for when it comes time to file 2018 taxes. Many drivers itemize deductions, including per diem rate pay, supplies gear, etc and until the new laws, could expect [...]

After Brake Safety Week: Keeping those truck brakes safe

Although CVSA Brake Safety Week has just wrapped up, the need to keep trucks' brakes safe and in top working order hasn't. Ozzie Flores, marketing and product manager at fleet tracking and management systems company Teletrac Navman, shared some insight on safe and resourceful practices drivers and fleet managers specifically can use moving forward. For [...]

Progressive taps into ELD data in quest to better align insurance premiums with risk

With ELDs in nearly every truck, it was only a matter of time before insurance companies started to utilize the devices. Progressive (NYSE: PGR) is among the first, launching a new discount program for truckers that provide Progressive access to their ELD data. The Smart Haul program is billed as a “user-based insurance (UBI) program,” but [...]

CVSA Releases 2018 International Roadcheck Results

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released data from its 2018 International Roadcheck three-day commercial motor vehicle (CMV) enforcement event held from June 5-7, 2018. Safety officials conducted more than 67,000 driver and vehicle safety inspections. Nearly 22 percent of vehicles that received Level I Inspections were placed out of service and about 4 percent of drivers [...]

This is the most brutally honest “Truck Driver Appreciation” video we’ve ever seen

Florida comedian Josh Pray delivers an honest and laugh-out-loud hilarious “thank you”  to the unsung hero of the American economy — the truck driver.

Week-long brake-focused inspection spree starts Sunday

This year’s Brake Safety Week is a return to norm for CVSA, after paring the blitz down to a single day last year. CVSA says most of the inspections performed during the weeklong blitz will be full Level I inspections, the most comprehensive inspection. However, inspectors will have a keen focus on brake components, including loose or missing parts; air or hydraulic fluid leaks; defective [...]

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Let’s celebrate those who supply our lives and strengthen the economy

While your Labor Day weekend may have been stocked with food, refreshments, barbeque grills, beach toys and lots of other fun items, truck drivers across America made that happen. They were busy traveling and making deliveries door-to-door and then getting back on the road to the next safe delivery. Chances are you saw a truck [...]

Rumor Confirmed: A New 7.3L Gas V8 is Coming to the Ford Super Duty

Rumors have been swirling about a new engine from Ford to replace the aging 6.2-liter V8 and the 6.8-liter V10, and now an inside source has confirmed to TFLTruck that it will be a new 7.3-liter gas engine. Word broke of a possible new 7.3-liter V8 from Ford when a document leaked online over a [...]

How drivers can stop diabetes before it starts

Drivers with pre-diabetes – the precursor to Type 2 diabetes – is a warning sign for truckers and costly for fleets. Fortunately, it doesn’t take that much effort to keep a driver from becoming diabetic even if they are already diagnosed with pre-diabetes, according to health care experts. This problem can be turned around with [...]

NACFE study: Fleets adopting efficiency technologies save millions at the pump

(The full report, released on Aug. 28, can be found through this link.) A study of 20 fleets found adoption of fuel efficiency technologies resulted in a savings of more than $600 million in 2017, compared with the average truck currently on the highway. The study issued by the North American Council on Freight Efficiency (NACFE) found these [...]

Hours reforms process swirling, ATRI and Trucker Nation push sleep studies to back 14-hour flexibility

In kicking off its potential hours of service reforms process last week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration cited two specific proposals brought to the agency as starting points to the hours conversation at large. At the core of both of those proposals is a chief — if not the chief — wish for many owner-operators: an end [...]

Tow Truck Operators Overlooked Link in Accident Response Chain

Doug Merrill stands with one of three tow trucks he operates at All Directions Transport in Hope. (Photos by Brian P. D. Hannon)Vehicles collide on a well-used stretch of highway; a single car goes off a back road in the middle of the night. Auto accidents happen every day, caused by weather or sudden mistakes, and scenes of inconvenience or tragic devastation are quickly encircled by police cruisers, fire engines, ambulances and, waiting nearby, a tow truck or two.

Like other first responders, tow operators are subjected to many of the shocking sights faced by law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, which is simply part of a job many of them continue to do despite the possibilities of mental and physical strain, but also risks to their financial health.

While emergency personnel who try to save lives and maintain order are certain to be paid, tow truck […]

Get in Line: Backlog for Big Rigs Stretches to 2019

a large red truck driving down a dirt roadAnyone ordering a new heavy-duty truck this summer will have wait until sometime next year to get it, assuming strained manufacturing supply chains hold together.

An unprecedented run of orders for big rigs has pushed the backlog at truck factories to nine months, according to industry analysts, the largest since early 2006, when truckers stocked up to get vehicles in place before tougher environmental restrictions would take effect. Typically the backlog is about five months for the truck industry’s manufacturers, analysts said.

“It is longer than it should be,” said Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing for Volvo AB’s North America operation, where Class 8 truck orders this year soared to 25,000 from 11,000 during the first six months of 2017. “Of course we are not alone in this situation,” he said. “Everyone is in the same boat.”

North American freight-haulers […]

FMCSA grants waiver to allow GPS mounting on windshields in ‘safety technology’ area

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted a waiver to allow drivers and carriers to mount a GPS on the windshield within the areas allowed for “vehicle safety technology” devices.

Traditional Trucking Corporation, in its application in March, stated GPS devices are “approximately the same size as the currently allowed ‘vehicle safety technologies’ mounted on the windshield” and added that the dash “is not suitable for mounting the fixture to hold the GPS unit” and the location of the unit if mounted on the dash is in the same area that safety technology is currently allowed.

The five-year waiver applies to any motor carrier mounting a GPS on the windshield. The waiver allows the mounting of GPS devices no more than four inches below the upper edge of the area swept by windshield wipers and no more than 7 inches above […]

FMCSA wants feedback on hours of service reforms around 14-hour rule, split sleeper, 30-minute break

A process that could alter current hours of service regulations has officially begun. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced Tuesday it is seeking feedback from industry stakeholders on ways to overhaul hours regs, focusing on four key areas:

  • Extending drivers’ 14-hour daily limit by two hours in the event of adverse conditions;
  • Allowing drivers to split 10-hour off-duty periods into segments;
  • Revising the 30-minute break requirement;
  • Expanding hours limits for short-haul drivers.

The advance notice of proposed rulemaking poses no reforms for hours regs. Instead, it simply lists questions aimed at gathering input from drivers, owner-operators, carriers and other industry stakeholders.

The agency is set to publish the ANPRM within days and will accept comments via the rulemaking portal for 30 days after its publication.

“It’s time to have an honest conversation about […]

Approach fuel efficiency from a variety of angles

I have talked about this subject before but I still get asked to name one thing that fleets should do to improve their fuel economy. That is a tough question. It depends, in part, on where the fleet is in its fuel efficiency journey. No matter what your current MPG is getting to the next level is something that needs to be approached from a variety of angles.

Obviously, it starts in the spec’ing process where fleets can choose a variety of products that will help them squeeze more miles from a gallon of diesel. Just to name a few they can consider automated manual transmissions, low rolling resistance tires, aerodynamic devices for the tractor, aerodynamic devices for the trailer, a variety of idle reduction solutions.

Once you have the tractor and trailer spec’d, the next […]

Inspectors to focus on brake violations in week-long enforcement spree in September

Truck inspectors will ramp up enforcement Sept. 16-22 as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance‘s annual Brake Safety Week. This year’s Brake Safety Week is a return to norm for CVSA, after paring the blitz down to a single day last year. CVSA says most of the inspections performed during the weeklong blitz will be full [...]

Do you have an exit plan?

It wasn’t until I hit my mid-50s that having an exit strategy for my business even occurred to me.  I saw the need to start tweaking my business plan to make the end come on my terms as much as possible.

And it’s good to think about planning for all the “exits” in our lives, not just retirement.  Whether it’s closing a business, ending a relationship, estate planning or appointing the person who will be your medical power of attorney, planning makes our lives and the lives of our loved ones easier.

Frequent the truck stop Counters of Knowledge, and you’ll overhear too many truckers admit that they can never afford to retire, or that their plan is to exit when their life ends. It shouldn’t be a catastrophe that drives us into the exit lane. Taking the […]

How do you analyze the cost savings of accident avoidance?

How do you validate a return on investment (ROI) from accident mitigation? When you avoid an accident you don’t know how much revenue may have been lost because of unforeseen downtime, and how much you didn’t spend on repairs or hospital bills. This topic was one of the talking points at a recent panel discussion [...]

Diesel Dips 0.3¢ to $3.223

Saudi Arabia — the world’s largest exporter of crude oil — curbed output last month, according to OPEC delegates, following signs that the kingdom couldn’t find enough buyers to justify elevated rates of production.

The fear is China friction related to higher tariffs will slow global economic growth and reduce fuel demand.

Article Courtesy of Transport Topics

“The Saudis are sending clear signals on their desired price range,” Mike Wittner, head of oil market research at Societe Generale SA, told Bloomberg News. “When the concern was prices getting too low, they unexpectedly trimmed output.”

Saudi Arabia — the world’s largest exporter of crude oil — curbed output last month, according to OPEC delegates, following signs that the kingdom couldn’t find enough buyers to justify elevated rates of production.

The fear is China friction related to higher tariffs will slow global economic growth and reduce fuel demand.

Article Courtesy of Transport Topics

Crude oil futures trading on the New York […]

Nuisance, thy name is ELD

With today marking four months since full enforcement of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, a number of truck drivers still say there are problems with ELDs in use and the federal Hours of Service (HOS) rules that are their foundation.

This has never been much of a honeymoon. After Fleetowner’s recent articles noted that large percentages of drivers and fleets don’t believe ELDs are good for the transportation industry or are making trucks safer, we got another big dose or three of feedback.

Despite the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) adjustment of more leeway in what can be counted as personal conveyance—a driving status that can allow a truck driver to operate a commercial motor vehicle outside of the HOS on-duty drive time constraints—scores of drivers say more must be done.

FMCSA helped with one big problem many truck drivers complained of: running out of available drive time while delivering or picking up a load and then […]

Cummins recalling half a million engines on voluntary basis due to degradation of emissions-control systems

Cummins has instituted a voluntary recall of roughly 500,000 model-year 2010-2015 engines, according to an announcement from the U.S. EPA. The recall involves faulty emissions systems components that cause the engines to fall out of compliance with federal emissions regulations.

The trucks and engines under the voluntary recall have seen degradation of their selective catalytic reduction systems, according to financial reports issued by Cummins. SCR systems are the exhaust aftertreatment components that use diesel exhaust fluid to curb emissions of nitrogen oxides and greenhouse gases. All manufacturers of engines for Class 8 trucks use SCR and DEF in their emissions-control systems. Engine makers adopted the technology in 2010 to meet that year’s emissions hurdles

In financial reports issued for the 2017 fiscal year and for the first quarter of 2018, Cummins noted that the EPA and the California Air Resources Board […]

Running Smart

Ever felt like your trucking business was careening down an ice-covered mountain in ‘Georgia overdrive’? (That’s in ‘neutral’ for the younger truckers out there.) Many of us have wondered, “What was I thinking when I bought this #%&! truck? Now what?”

Well, to make it to the bottom in one piece, you’ll need to run smart.

For the majority of truckers and small motor carriers, even as the rates have improved, costs are still increasing. We’re left wondering what catastrophe is around the next bend. How are the threatened tariffs with our nation’s trading partners going to impact the freight we haul? And how can we plan for it?

As any great football coach knows, when the team’s behind and the opposition is first and goal on the 10-yard-line, he must return to the basics to turn the game around. We need to do the same—return to the basics of trucking, the basics of how […]

Free hot dogs available Wednesday at Pilot Flying J, Love’s

Pilot Flying J and Love’s Travel Stops will be offering truckers free hot dogs Wednesday to celebrate National Hot Dog Day.

For PFJ, drivers will find an offer for a free hot dog or roller grill item in the myPilot mobile app on Wednesday, July 18.

Love’s is partnering with Schwab Meat Co. to give customers free hot dogs or roller grill items the same day by showing a barcode that will be found on the Love’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Article Courtesy OVERDRIVE

More than 3,000 Kenworth, Peterbilt tractors recalled

More than 3,000 Kenworth and Peterbilt tractors are being recalled over an issue with the anti-lock braking system dash warning light not working properly, according to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Paccar is recalling 3,043 trucks in which, in the event that the ABS loses battery and/or ignition power to the controller, the dash warning light for the ABS may not light up to warn the driver. NHTSA says a driver unknowingly operating a truck without the ABS functioning increases the risk of a crash.

Trucks affected by the recall include:

  • 2015-2018 Kenworth T660
  • 2015-2018 Kenworth T680
  • 2015-2018 Kenworth T800
  • 2015-2018 Kenworth T880
  • 2015-2018 Kenworth W900
  • 2017-2018 Peterbilt 567
  • 2017-2018 Peterbilt 579

Paccar will begin notifying truck owners on July 24. Dealers will update the software in the cab control module […]

Nearly 2,000 trucks placed out of service in Texas during Roadcheck inspection blitz INSPECTIONS

The Texas Department of Public Safety inspected 7,980 commercial motor vehicles during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck 2018, placing nearly a quarter of those inspected out of service. Roadcheck was held June 5-7 nationwide. Results from the nationwide effort have not yet been announced.

A total of 1,975 commercial vehicles — about 24 percent of those inspected — were placed out of service for a variety of safety violations until appropriate repairs could be made, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Issues with brakes and defective tires were among the most common infractions that led to out of service violations.

Also during Roadcheck 2018, drivers were checked for compliance with state and federal laws. According to the DPS, 301 drivers were placed out of service for violations ranging from failure to have the proper type of driver license for the vehicle being driven to violations of hours-of-service requirements.

In all, Texas DPS troopers […]

Some Truckers Finding Stress Relief in Meditation

Ron Echols is a “stringing driver,” hauling pipe for fracking operations in West Virginia. He carries it all — 40, 60 and 80-foot pipe — while living out of a motel room in the mountains away from his Ohio home. The job can be stressful at times, even dangerous, but he has help to cope with day-to-day pressures: meditation.

“It sort of resets me,” says Echols, who has been driving for 21 years, some of it over the road. “I find breathing meditation to be the simplest and most effective. I think there are benefits physically to it as well. If you concentrate on your breathing, you can’t focus on anything else.”

Echols doesn’t know any other drivers who mediate, and he suggests that the majority of truckers think meditation is “wacky, kooky stuff.” He adds that for the many drivers, […]

Operation Safe Driver Week July 15-July 21

Starting Sunday (July 15), as part of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Operation Safe Driver Week, July 15-21, law enforcement personnel will be on roadways throughout North America looking for commercial motor vehicle (CMV) and passenger vehicle drivers engaging in unsafe driving behaviors. This weeklong safety initiative aims to call attention to driver behaviors, the main cause of crashes, and combat those behaviors through heightened traffic safety enforcement and education.

Examples of unsafe driver behaviors that law enforcement will be looking for throughout Operation Safe Driver Week are speeding, failure to use a seatbelt, distracted driving, failure to obey traffic control devices, improper lane change, etc. Enforcement personnel will identify drivers engaging in those dangerous driving behaviors on our roadways and issue warnings and/or citations.

In May 2018, the Federal Motor Carrier […]

Know your risk factors for diabetes

Truck drivers have a higher-than-average risk for diabetes, which affects over 30 million Americans. That’s largely because the sedentary nature of truck driving contributes to obesity and lack of physical activity, which increases the risk for Type 2 diabetes.

DIABETES TYPES. Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes, occurs when the body develops insulin resistance and is unable to use insulin properly. This causes an inability to regulate blood glucose levels properly, causing levels of blood glucose, or sugar, to rise too high.

Only about 5 percent of people who have diabetes have Type 1 diabetes, which is not as straightforward as Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes typically is diagnosed in children and young adults, according to the American Diabetes Association. It is considered to be caused by an immune reaction in which the body attacks itself. Family history and age are considered risk factors.

SYMPTOMS. Frequent thirst and excessive urination […]

CVSA to Conduct Brake Safety Week Sept. 16-22

Commercial vehicle inspectors will be out in force beginning Sept. 16 to conduct brake system inspections on large trucks and buses throughout the United States and Canada.  The inspections will be part of the

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s “Brake Safety Week” Sept. 16-22, according to CVSA.

Inspectors will place out of service all CMVs with critical brake violations to call attention to the dangers of faulty brake systems.

During Brake Safety Week, inspectors primarily will conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection, a 37-step procedure that includes an examination of driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness.

Brake-related violations made up the largest percentage of out-of-service vehicle violations cited during last year’s International Roadcheck. Of the vehicles placed out […]

Brake checking: Road rage taken to a new level

A typical scenario is when a motorist pulls in a front of a truck without giving the trucker time to put two seconds between them. Feeling like they’re being tailgated, the car driver brake checks – stops their car in the middle of the highway – causing the trucker to slam on their brakes. The driver may hit the stopped car causing damage, or they may miss the car altogether but cause a multiple pile up behind the truck.

Although less common, trucks sometimes brake check each other with disastrous results as seen in the video below.

According to the poster, the following incident occurred on May 9, 2018, on I-294 in Chicago. The brake check caused a complete stop on the interstate. Although the brake-checked truck was able to stop, the stoppage […]

Planning out a vacation

Taking a vacation, or just getting away from the trucking rat race for a few days is something many small and micro-motor carrier owners place on the back burner because they either think they can’t afford it or that their business will go down the tubes if they take a week or two off. On the contrary, as far-fetched as this may seem, a vacation is easily possible with just a bit of proper planning and foresight.

Research shows Americans, not just trucking company owners, work more than anyone in the industrialized world. They take fewer vacation days, work longer hours, and retire later. Several different studies have shown that taking time away from the job has both physical and psychological health benefits. People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals.

With all that said, when you own a business, […]

App heralded as ‘Uber for tow trucks’ raises $24 million

An app touted as the “Uber for tow trucks” has raised $24 million in a new round of funding overnight as insurance companies look to capitalize on an idea that could change the entire industry.

Honk, a US-based start-up currently only operating in America, links tow truck associations with insurance companies to offer 24/7 roadside assistance controlled through a smartphone app.

Just like Uber, users can request a tow truck around the clock and have the nearest operator connected to them, provided they are interested in taking the job. Users can also rate a tow truck driver based on speed, customer service and pricing.

Honk offers services such as towing, changing tyres, delivering fuel and assisting with drivers who have been locked out of their vehicle.

The start-up aims to replace annual roadside-assistance membership programs […]


Whether you’re a fan of warm weather or you prefer to stay inside where it’s air-conditioned, you can’t deny that summer is HERE!  Today is the first day of Summer and the temperatures have been soaring and the sun is blazing. And for tow truck drivers, the change in season means a new set of risks to look out for – roadwork, traffic, weather, sunlight, and heat, to name a few. So, how can a tow truck driver prepare for the new hazards and risks?


Check out the following summer tow truck driving tips.


1. Be mindful of construction and roadwork.

Summer is prime time for construction, which can mean closed lanes, delays, detours, and traffic. Be extra careful as you navigate through the work zones, which might resemble a maze of pylons more than a road. Pay attention to all road signs and obey them. Slow down, take it easy, and watch for construction […]

CarHauler Takes the Win at Shell ROTELLA SuperRigs

Georgia-based Car- Hauler owner-operator Eric Turner Sr. earned Best of Show at the 36th annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs in Raphine, Va., with his 2015 Peterbilt 389.

For winning the competition, Turner took home $10,000 from Shell Rotella and $5,000 from Mac Trailer. Turner’s Pete also picked up the award for Best Interior at the show.

“It feels so good to win the best of show,” Turner said. “Like I said earlier when I was in the judging lane, when I was growing up, all my dad ever had on his tool box was a Shell ROTELLA calendar. And he always said, ‘son one day, you’re going to be on that.’ I’ve never seen that vision, but I guess he’s seen it for me. My dad passed away last year. Thank you, […]

Taxes & Trucking for 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed into law by President Trump on Dec. 22, 2017, contains numerous changes that will affect individuals, as well as businesses large and small. The new tax law has both good and bad news for company drivers but mostly good news for owner-operators and fleet operators.

Owner Operators – Sole Proprietors or S-Corporations

Self-employed individuals and companies will get the same deduction they have always had in the past. Owner-operators will still be able to take a per diem for meals and incidentals, just as they have in the past, since they are in business for themselves, and those costs are deductible business expenses. The new law also implements a 20 percent deduction on net business profits of Pass-Throughs which includes S corporation or sole proprietorship to non-corporate taxpayers, […]

Join Us for the Florida Tow Show 2018, April 5-8!


Are you ready for the 2018 Florida Tow Show? The event is full of fantastic sunny weather, meeting new friends in the towing industry, and exciting new models of trucks, equipment, and showpiece rigs. Hotel rooms are selling out fast – there’s special “Tow Show” room rate pricing at great family friendly hotels like the Holiday Inn and the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace. The show itself is at the Orlando Hilton – there are still a few rooms left, so hurry!

All the affiliated hotels are close enough to walk to the Hilton for the events. This is great, as you’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous Florida […]

DOT Inspections: What You Should Be Prepared For

U.S. Department of Transportation Seal

Most commercial drivers do not like the mention of DOT inspections, but it doesn’t have to be so hard if you know what’s expected of you. It is advisable to be conversant with the different requirements needed during the various levels of a DOT inspection. A DOT inspection is a routine annual checkup for all commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) weighing over 10,000 pounds to ascertain their safety on the road.

Here is what all commercial drivers should know about a DOT inspection:

Have your paperwork ready
During a level 1 inspection, the driver should be ready for a full DOT inspection and hence have their paperwork near as […]

How Far Away are We from Self-Driving Trucks?

Mercedes-Benz Future Truck - 2025With the world’s seemingly unending obsession with technology automation, it should come as no surprise that companies are leading the trucking industry into the future with the development of self-driving technology. In the sweep of advancements that are changing the way we live, work, and play, the trucking industry won’t be left behind. So, how far away are we from self-driving trucks?

Experts are suggesting that self-driving trucks may surface even before self-driving taxis. And although it is predicted that we are at least a decade away from completely autonomous self-driving trucks, several companies have thrown their hat into the ring, and are investing billions of dollars to make this concept a reality.

Self Driving Truck - May 2015Read more

Fire Extinguishers are Required Safety Equipment in Your Truck(s)!

Fire extinguishers are required by law on all trucks, truck tractors, and buses – except those in driveaway-towaway operations. Per the Code of Federal Regulations 393.95:

A power unit that is used to transport hazardous materials in a quantity that requires placarding (see 177.823) must be equipped with a fire extinguisher having an Underwriters’ Laboratories rating of 10 B:C or more.

A power unit that is not used to transport hazardous materials must be equipped with either:

  1. A fire extinguisher having an Underwriters’ Laboratories rating of 5 B:C or more
  2. Two fire extinguishers, each of which has an Underwriters’ Laboratories rating of 4 B:C or more

The fire extinguisher(s) must be filled and located so that it is readily available for use. The extinguisher(s) must be securely mounted to prevent sliding, rolling, or vertical movement relative to the motor vehicle.

Not only should you be carrying and mounting fire extinguishers as […]

Fifth Wheel Maintenance

OK, so how many of you are thinking about your fifth wheel right now? Probably not many, right? Well like everything else on your truck, it needs maintenance. Here’s a list to help you check your fifth wheel and make sure you’re good to go.

Fifth Wheel Maintenance

First, you’re going to need to clean the gunk off that fifth wheel. Some folks go so far as to steam clean it; others simply scrape and clean it with a brush and solvent. You should know that steam cleaning is recommended not only for the top plate, but the jaws and legs, as well.

Next you’re going to inspect the upper area and edges for any damage. This can simply be wear and tear, or something more excessive – like missing parts or cracks. You’re going […]

Why Your Business Needs Customer Reviews

You know your company has the very best product and/or service in the industry; however, no one seems to know this but you. In this era of frenzied business competition, how do you make sure people know what you do for your customers? Of the many forms of advertising and marketing, only one can change how someone “feels” about your company. Only one speaks to people, because it’s by a real person. Your best salesperson should tell your story. You need your customers to share their stories – you need customer reviews, testimonials, and recommendations. With these references, you are now the star, instead of simply another player on the field.

Leave us a review on Google! - Customer ReviewsThere is no doubt that it can be difficult to get great customer reviews – if you simply […]

More Calls to Push Back ELD Compliance Date

As the deadline for truckers to switch from paper logs to electronic logging devices nears, the heated discussion about ELD Compliance between the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and truckers continues.

ELD application - phone

With under 12 weeks to go until the deadline, the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association is leading a coalition that is asking for the mandate to be delayed for two more years.The delay would occur as a result of passing the ELD Extension Act of 2017 (HR 3282).

OOIDA is calling for a delay in the implementation of the mandate due to concerns surrounding the reliability of self-certified ELDs, connectivity issues in rural areas, cyber-security vulnerabilities, and the availability of data for law enforcement.

OOIDA argues that the mandate can be delayed without any negative consequences as well due to […]

Autumn Safety for Commercial Drivers

Fall is already here - and Winter is just around the corner!

For some of us, it sure doesn’t feel like summer is over – but it’s already here! 
Here are a few autumn safety tips for preparing your truck(s) in advance of the cold weather:


Wet leaves on the road are some of the worst conditions!Leaves on the Road

While the fall foliage is breathtaking enough to bring tourists out in droves, they’re sure to be a pain once they hit the pavement. Especially after it rains, they can stick to the pavement and cause slippery conditions. […]

ELD Data Collection May Help Truckers Avoid Roadside Inspections

Mention ELDs in any freight yard or truck stop and you are bound to hear to a wide array of opinions from those that praise them to those whose language is best left out of print. The fact is that they are with us to stay and thanks to some of the data mining experts at ‘Keep Truckin‘, you might find they are a more valuable asset than you would have ever believed.No one in the trucking industry, carrier or driver, benefits from time spent going through roadside inspections, especially, a time-consuming Level 1 inspections.

‘Keep Truckin’ has discovered by carefully studying information collected by their units that the risk of being subjected to this nuisance can be greatly reduced.

The company began by focusing on four key areas;

  • Inspections by cargo types
  • How violations vary state to state
  • Most common types of violations
  • Time period of inspections

Roadside Inspection

Training Announcement: National Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Responder Training

A new coordinated, multi-disciplinary training program developed through the Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) is available for all emergency responders and those supporting traffic incident management operations. This training puts police, firefighters, state and local departments of transportation, towing and recovery professionals, medical personnel, and other incident responders on the same page, leading to a safer, faster, integrated responder team.


Save Lives
– Faster incident response and clearance times result in fewer secondary crashes.
– Training results in less exposure of responder team to moving traffic during recovery.

Save Money
– Less congestion leads to fewer freight and travel delays in backups.
– Fewer secondary crashes save on insurance claims.
– Faster cleanups lead to cost savings for incident personnel.

Save Time
– Smarter response techniques cut congestion […]

ELD Mandate Update: FMCSA Gives Further Detail about ‘Grandfather Clause’

According to a guidance issued in February by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Automatic Onboard Recording Devices can be used to remain compliant with the Electronic Logging Device mandate until December 16, 2019. The two-year extension is due to the “grandfather clause” that is included in the ELD mandate.

However, the grandfather clause comes with a couple stipulations:
• In order to qualify for the December 2019 extension, new commercial vehicles installed with an AOBRD must replace an old vehicle. If an older vehicle is not being replaced, the newer vehicle must be installed with an ELD instead.
• New vehicles purchased after December 18, 2017 must be installed with an ELD. After December 18, 2017, it does not matter if an old vehicle is being replaced.

ELDs - OmnitracsAOBRDs Capable Of […]

Electronic Logging Devices: Cummins Debuts its ELD App


ZED Connect's ELD ApplicationRenowned engine manufacturer, Cummins, has just released a new software platform entitled ZED Connect. While it is owned by Cummins, the engine manufacturer has decided to establish ZED Connect as a separate company. ZED Connect’s new app aims to function as an electronic logging device (ELD) that is fully compliant with the upcoming U.S. Department of Transportation ELD mandate, which states that all drivers must begin using electronic logging devices to track their hours of service on or before Dec. 18, 2017.

The platform also includes a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone app that allows for “plug-and-play” functionality with a truck’s ECM system. This new platform targets small fleets and owner-operators. Using the ECM connection and the smartphone app, drivers and owner-operators are able to track hours of service. The service […]

SmartLINQ – Peterbilt’s Built-In Monitoring System

SmartLINQ is a factory installed diagnostic system in all new Peterbilt trucks – including all of the new Petes on our lot!! – and it is designed to help you stay on the road. SmartLINQ helps drivers, fleet owners, and vehicle service and maintenance coordinators by remotely keeping track of engine and aftertreatment diagnostic codes, notifying the appropriate parties of problems that need to be addressed, and instantly giving the driver an easy to understand alert with directions on how to proceed.

SmartLINQ in ActionThe online portal for SmartLINQ, through PACCAR, allows the fleet owner or truck maintenance person to view all of the fleet’s trucks color coded to show their current engine health, allows for customized notifications 24/7/365 of alerts from trucks, and tracks the vehicles through North America.

U.S. Senate to Consider Bill Opposing Increases in FET

A new bill has been introduced to U.S. Congress that will seek to repeal the federal excise tax (FET), which is at present 12 percent. The FET on heavy duty trucks dates back to 1917 when it was introduced to defray the cost of World War I. The tax on new heavy duty trucks later grew from 3 percent in 1917 up to the 12 percent we see today.

The 12 percent FET on the purchase of heavy duty trucks is a burdensome tax – higher than taxes for all other vehicles, and when combined with recent federal emissions and fuel-economy mandates, can add up to thousands of extra dollars when purchasing a new truck. At its present 12 percent, the FET depresses heavy duty truck sales and, as a result, slows companies from replacing […]

Is the Towing Insurance Market Really That Bad?

Article by Hal Kresser, Principal at Hal Kresser Agency

“Tow Truck Market Gets Hit Hard as Carriers Exit Market.” This article appeared in The Insurance News Journal on February 6, 2017 and featured on the front cover.  Simultaneously, it was posted in the Forums section of Tow 411, so it was written before February 6, 2017.  Naturally, a front page article will get the attention and it did!  That magazine is distributed to every insurance company in the country and most agencies. Within just a few weeks I heard from underwriters that they will have to tighten up their requirements and continue to raise rates due to claims. They were also apprehensive because many of their competitors were exiting the market. In their minds the only reason a competitor would exit the market is if they couldn’t make […]

Summer Towing Tips: Avoid Heat Illness, Get Ready for these Common Summer Issues

The hot weather that’s paired with the summer months adds more difficulty to the towing industry. Not only does the heat provide additional health risks for you, but also for your towing truck and for the vehicles of your customers. Here are some summer towing tips for avoiding heat illnesses and dealing with common summertime towing issues to help you ride out the heat waves.

Safety Tips for You

Working out in the sun provides two big threats for truck towers: heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is an illness that occurs through a combination of exposure to high temperatures and dehydration. While not as serious as heat stroke, failing to intervene may lead to more danger heat related illnesses. Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:

  • Confusion
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Fainting
  • Pale skin
  • Dizziness


Heat Stroke

If heat exhaustion is left untreated, you may suffer a heat stroke. A heat stroke […]

Electronic Logging Device Mandate (ELD) Will Take Effect in December 2017

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced that starting on December 16, 2017, truck operators will be required to use electronic logging devices to record their duty status. This electronic logging device mandate was first published in the Federal Register in December of 2015, but the FMCSA opted to give operators and carriers time to comply.

Although drivers will not need to maintain paper logs after the mandate, supporting documentation will be required in order for their carriers to keep the records on file.

Trucking Electronic Logging Device

Why did the FMCSA pass this rule?

The FMCSA predicts that this new rule will save at least 26 lives and prevent 562 injuries in the industry every year. Due to the amount of time saved because of the decrease in paperwork, over $1 billion is expected to be saved by the […]

Clean Diesel Particulate Filters Extend Engine Life, Save Fuel, and Add Resale Value

Diesel Particulate FiltersDiesel Particulate Filters have been a key component of truck emissions systems since 2007. If your DPF’s are not maintained they can present problems along with engine issues. This may cause your engine to go into regeneration more times than it needs. As a result, your DPF can become clogged faster.

What you can expect from a 2017 Roadcheck

Roadcheck 2017It’s nearly that time of year again, with the annual vehicle and driver “Roadcheck” event taking place throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico from June 6 – 8.

Slow Down – Move Over (SDMO) – It’s the Law!

Slow Down Move Over LawSlow Down – Move Over (SDMO) – It’s the Law! Tragically, emergency responders are being struck and killed at traffic incidents in the U.S. on an average of five firefighters a year, one law enforcement officer a month, one tow truck operator a week and one road service person every three days!

Florida Tow Show 2017

Florida Tow Show 2017Join East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales at the
Florida Tow Show International Expo in Orlando, FL
April 20 – 23, 2017
BOOTH #815

Cottrell QuiXspinz® Ratcheting System

Quixspinz Ratcheting SystemExperience the QuiXspinzⓇ Ratcheting System from Cottrell! By East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales

East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales would like to introduce you to Cottrell’s latest option available on NeXtgen soft tie equipment.

Saluting Truck Drivers & Veterans

Truck Drivers Veterans SalutedIn our daily lives as fast paced human beings, it may be easy to slow down and reflect on the cycle of life and those who impact it.

Top Highway Safety Tips For Truckers During Autumn

Top Highway Safety

Source Credit:

Another season is just about in the books as summer comes to a close and autumn starts down the bend.

Peterbilt Limo Truck

Truck Crashes Spilling Pennies in Delaware

Police say the big rig, carrying blank pennies and headed to the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia, slammed into a Jersey barrier, overturned and caught fire.
Images from Chopper 6 HD and the Action Cam showed tens of thousands of blank pennies covering the roadway.

Cottrell Fiber Sheet Laser




Amazing TruckModel Peterbilt RC Stroller

Would you get a custom Pete stroller like this: ? >_< #Truckers #trucking

— East Coast Truck (@ECTTS) August 26, 2016





Uber for Trucking Sealed with Otto

Uber and OttoAccording to recent claims Uber has begun its venture into the trucking world. Take our poll on this this story. Let us know how you feel autonomous big rigs will impact the industry.

You can also see our earlier story on Uber-like trucking companies and the headway they have made.

The ride-hailing network’s acquisition of Otto is the most recent indication of Uber’s ambitions for autonomous vehicles that cater to both consumers and businesses.

See the official story below.

Diesel Particulate Filter Tips

diesel filter east coastYou’re 25 miles out of the truck stop; settling into the long haul, and then the regen warning light comes on – again! You know you just did a parked regeneration to clear the diesel particulate filter yesterday, and you’ve been driving this rig at speed today, so shouldn’t the filter be clean? Well, probably not. Here’s why:


• Unless you’re running a disposable filter system, which are a must in the mining industry and some off-road equipment, the DPF is probably still clogged, but not with soot. The diesel particulate filter works by trapping soot and other particulates in a network of cells before releasing the smaller gasses through the pores in the filter […]

Slow Down. Move Over.

Slow Down Move OverImagine working in an industry that makes the “Deadliest Catch” fishing industry seem like a cruise ship vacation. If you’re reading this, chances are good you already do. As a tow driver you work in an industry where you’re practically invisible – until it’s almost too late. In some states, you’re also invisible to the law telling people to slow down and move over when passing an incident or emergency on the highway.

10 Ways To Keep Truck Tires From Eating Your Profits Alive

Keep Truck TiresWe know tires are expensive. We also know most drivers mean to keep up with their tire maintenance programs, but driving often gets in the way. Until you drop a tread, or pick-up a bolt, it’s easy to forget about your tires. Problem is, tires are very unforgiving, and will eat up your profits any chance they get. Don’t let them. Here’s how.

1. Any tire showing damage is trying to tell you something.
You might need an alignment if you see certain patterns, so knowing which tire patterns to look for helps you identify the problem. Tire sites usually have a chart on types of damage to expect with each problem.

2. Keep tires of the same diameter together.
 (New with new. Used with used). If not, you end up with one […]

When Was The Last Time Your Rig Was Comfortable – Without Idling?

Everyone's cab is comfortable while they're rolling down the highway, but when you don't want to idle, or can't, things get downright unpleasant. Some states have laws against idling; other times, you just want to conserve fuel to make a tight load pay better. If you don't have an alternate solution to idling, you're the [...]

7 Reasons To Keep Your Truck Serviced

7 Reasons to keep you truck servicedConsistent truck maintenance is very critical due to work loads and traveling long distances. Sometimes we are so focused on work and the job at hand that maintenance services are forgotten. The more work you have the busier you are and the less likely you are to get basic maintenance done because nothing seems wrong.  Keeping your truck in tip top shape is better for your business and pockets. Check out these seven great reason below:

1. Save Money 

Keeping up with maintenance cost but its actually save your money in the long haul. For example is your regularly keep up with your oil changes it keeps your engine performing properly. But if you refuse to get your oil changed you are at risk of having your engine blow out costing more money […]

4 Healthy Salad Jar Recipes for Truckers

It's no secret that life on the road can put a strain on your eating habits. At every exit and stop there’s a fast food place calling your name. Long, stressful hours on the road lead drivers to seek fast food meals instead of the healthy substitutes needed to fuel their bodies like salad . Time management on [...]

5 Ways Your Rig Can Generate $50,000

Very few people have the opportunity to give themselves a $50,000.00 raise per year. You, as an owner/operator of your rig, tractor trailer, have that opportunity. You’ve probably heard any number of these recommendations before, but we’ve put them all together - and done the math. If you want results, some bad habits need to [...]

Dangerous Bridges versus Truck Driver (Video)

Truck Driver Viral VideoHave you ever had to power through a dangerous situation as a driver? Of course you have! Driving across state lines puts you in contact with different climates and extreme weather conditions. These often bring about obstacles like snow and extreme heat waves that can affect your car hauler. As a truck driver, you should always take preventative maintenance and care seriously. Maybe it’s the typical deer in the road or fallen tree. Whatever it is – most of us drivers still depend on the solid asphalt road or dirt roads to carry our ton-heavy rigs. So what happens when the obstacle between you and your load is a log? Check out just how determined this truck driver is to cross a river without a bridge. So, like all innovative drivers he creates a […]

Preventing Cargo Theft

PREVENT CARGO THEFTCargo theft is on the rise, and it’s everyone’s problem. Drivers are held primarily responsible, because they’re typically associated with the transport of the load. As a truck driver, you should know there are certain actions that keep you and your cargo safe:

Pick up in well-lit, secure areas

You already know to deliver and drop to secure areas, but picking up loads securely can be just as important. While we don’t often think of the customer as a threat, there are theft rings that specialize in calling for pick-ups at seemingly legitimate businesses, only to hi-jack a load when the driver gets to the location. Think of how many high-end cars you’ve had on that car hauler at […]

Summer Truck Maintenance Tips

Get Summer Preventative Maintenance Plans.    Walk-ins Welcomed.     Monday - Saturday.      757-465-2200 Hot weather can cause costly damage to your trucks if you're not prepared. If you don't have a proper truck maintenance plan set up for your fleet, then now is the time to schedule one. A few minutes looking over these [...]

6 Coca Cola Hacks Truckers Can Use

Truck drivers are constantly on the move and rely on tools that keep them going. Coca Cola, while being an enjoyable beverage, can also make time on the road much easier. Keep reading to discover the top Coca Cola hacks. 1) Pain reliever for insect bites and stings For truck drivers, summer brings longer days, beautiful [...]

Five Best Ways to Avoid Driver Distraction

The American Trucking Association (ATA) is calling attention to the beginning of Distracted Driving Awareness Month by offering advice and insight from the elite professional truck drivers who make up ATA’s Share the Road highway safety program.  Since 1986, the Share The Road program has been teaching the public how to share the road with large [...]

Tractor Trailer Stopped In Second Recycle Fraud Attempt

Tractor Trailer Recycling NJosephOn Feb. 16, at 4:25 p.m., agents watched a white semi-truck with “New Evolution Trucking” name on it enter the yard. The California Department of Justice’s Recycling Fraud Team conducted an investigation into a North Las Vegas storage yard. 

During the investigation they watched the truck as it left at approximately 10:42 p.m. and called for assistance from California Highway Patrol. The driver took a route which would miss the Yermo California Department of Food and Agriculture border checkpoint in.

Towing With A Tesla

TeslaHow do you get a boat out of your drive way without calling a tow man? Drive a Tesla apparently – Towing with a Tesla. The new Model X has a gross weight of 6,000 lbs, goes 0-60 in 3.2 seconds with a P90D modification. Tesla recommends this car to those in the market for an SUV with a need to tow. The model features a smooth interior with comfort designated seating and built in technology and medical grade HEPA filters for added safety.

Top 5 Trucking Stories of 2015

Log ScreenSome of the biggest trucking stories and most impactful changes in the auto transport industry took off in 2015.  From electronic logging mandates to self-driving trucks, scandals and more… It’s customary to round up the events and take a look back as we spring forward into the new year; enjoy these top picks. Let’s get our gears set for greatness in 2016!

Mobile Parts Truck

Mobile Parts TruckThis rigged up Freightliner mobile parts truck hits the pavement December 1st and will be fully stocked with the same great industry trusted brands we sell online. This mobile parts store is equipped with everything you need in the towing and auto transport industries.

Highway Bill Misses Thanksgiving Mark

The House of Representatives has failed to pass the Highway Bill since it first announced its Thanksgiving plans of delivery. Without much shock, to the general public, this would make for the 36th straight short-term patch to the Highway Trust Fund. The patch will extend funding through December 4th as Congress continues to work out the compromise bill.

Previously the House successfully passed the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act on November 5th while the Senate passed its version which lacked the needed funded for six years.

The House approved the Drive Act with a spending budget of up to $261 billion on highways and $55 billion on transit over six years. The qualm with this is that the legislation includes just enough money to pay for the first three months.

“I am very pleased, that after ten years of short-term band-aids and extensions, the House finally passed a bipartisan, six-year transportation bill,” said Rep. […]

Operation Safe Driver Week 2015


Operation Safe Driver Week is set to kick off October 18-24, 2015. The campaign was first launched in 2007 with a focus on lowering and preventing the number of unsafe driving related injuries and deaths.

The program is spearheaded by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and state and local law enforcement.

According to the CSVA, 12,502 people were killed and more than 287,000 were injured in crashes involving at least one large truck or bus.


Truck Tank Winners Create Driver Retention App


Truck DriversDriver retention is on the forefront of every company’s agenda these days, especially with a 97% annual turnover rate. Often drivers’ complaints of feeling like just a number and working conditions go unheard.

Warning Issued: Cargo Theft Bandits This Labor Day Weekend

Kentucky Trailer

Every Labor Day, for the past three years, CargoNet has recorded a spike in freight thefts around Labor Day weekend. We all know that holidays are the most vulnerable times for those bloody bandits attempting to make a quick steal. So, what do you need to know to protect your precious merchandise from cargo theft?

Volvo Truck Recalls Will Affect Over 4,000 Vehicles

Volvo 862Photo: Volvo Trucks

Volvo North America is recalling over 4,000 VNL, VNM and VAH truck models ranging from the years 2012-2015 with hand brake issues and defective steering drag links. 

Uber-like Companies Set to Transform Trucking

Volvo ATA TruckUber-like mobile transport apps are getting bigger – literally! The San Francisco based transportation company has inspired many copycats with its peer-to-peer taxi like platform that connects local riders to drivers, and now has some companies shelling out millions to be coined Uber-for-trucking.

Simple Steps To Keep Your Truck Tires From Eating Your Profits Alive

We know tires are expensive. We also know most drivers mean to keep up with their tire maintenance programs, but driving often gets in the way. Until you drop a tread, or pick-up a bolt, it’s easy to forget about your tires. Problem is, tires are very unforgiving, and will eat up your profits any chance they get. Don’t let them. Here’s how. Any tire showing damage is trying to tell you something. You might need an alignment if you see certain patterns, so knowing which tire patterns to look for helps you identify the problem. Tire sites usually have a chart on types of damage to expect with each problem. Keep tires of the same diameter together (New with new. Used with used). If not, you end up with one tire skipping and scraping the road because it isn’t the […]

Are You Really Prepared For The Economic Upturn?

It’s coming to a trucking business near you. You’ve felt it creeping up on you for any number of months, but now it seems like it’s right in your face. The economic upturn is going to make your life a wreck if you’re not prepared. So what’s the big deal about the economic upturn in the trucking industry? Remember those days when you had to cut back, and scrape for loads? Remember all the maintenance you had to let go until you could afford it, or the equipment you didn’t buy because it didn’t make sense at the time? You lost money then, and now you’ll lose more 20141104_154731 Stampmoney if you’re not prepared to take advantage of the opportunities available. What’s going to hold you back? Unless […]

Thanksgiving Special!

Welcome to East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales Newsletter     It's the time of year for giving thanks to those we appreciate. Our Customers.     To all of our customers we will offer FREE shipping on all orders over $200.00 placed between Thur, Nov 27th - Sunday, Nov 30th. (Excludes ODF items and [...]

Height Sticks and GPS

GPSCMVSYou’ve seen the videos and pictures on the web. You know it happens – just not to you. And this is exactly how it starts.   Every day we see a video of a truck carrying a large load hitting a bridge, underpass or some other object of civil engineering. In fact, over 60 percent of states say that over-height accidents are considered a significant problem. The problem is so bad in the empire state that New York is installing “Over-Height Vehicle Detection Systems” to alleviate it. (You have to wait for troopers to guide you to another route if you’re over height, and that can’t be an enjoyable process.)   So, how do these strikes happen so frequently when we all know to measure twice and plan the route accordingly? It’s all about safety culture and technology. […]

Supreme Court Decision Now Protects Your Phone Information

Supreme CourtSupreme Court Decision Now Protects Your Phone Information

We are a mobile society, and always have been. Moving about seems to be tied to our curiosity as a species. Moreover, when you travel as much as some of our readers, you’re probably going to want to take as much of your information with you as possible. It’s not only convenient, it now seems absolutely necessary. Previous to the Supreme Court’s decision, this might have posed a problem – if you’re a privacy advocate. With technology making huge amounts of information available, both the world’s and yours, privacy has become a sticking point for numerous organizations. Warrantless searches of phones had been quite common. The contents could be downloaded by a device in an officer’s car in a matter of moments – including calls, stored […]

How Are Your Driving Skills At 100+ Miles Per Hour?