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The MULTILIFT Advantage


ALL MODELS – Standard Features & Benefits

  • Safety Latch
    • Secures the bale / lift bar inside hook through all cycles, opens only to grab or release
  • Adjustable Hook Height
    • Included as standard feature on all models capable of accepting this feature
  • Electric Cab Controls
    • Included, not an upgrade
    • Better viewing angles for the operator, as the controller is handheld and moveable
    • Manual override at valve included on all models
  • Safety / Maintenance Prop
    • Included, not an upgrade
  • High Tensile Steel
    • Critical in reducing overall system weight (increases legal payload for our customers)
  • Sensors / Wiring
    • IP67 rated, sealed and submersible up to 3’ under water
    • Proven track record, used for over 20 years in production models (consumer and military)
    • Prevents unsafe operation, reducing the risk of personal injury or equipment damage
  • Sliding Hook Arm (aka Jib) Design
    • Allows for maximum range of body length engagement
  • Body-up Warning Light
    • Included on every controller, not an upgrade
  • Operating Speed
    • Normal operating speeds are best-in-class
    • Performance package (PF) available on select ULTIMA models, cut cycle times in half for lightning-fast operation
  • Lowest Mounting Height
    • Always the lowest mounting height, best-in-class
  • Direct Mount Piston Pump
    • Reversible out of the box
    • Includes hose fittings
    • Allows for use of smaller pump and smaller diameter cylinders (aids in weight reduction). Smaller pump and cylinders also reduce the amount of hydraulic fluid required (additional weight reduction).
  • Nylatron Wear Pads
    • Used only to center (up and down, side to side) hook arm (aka Jib) travel
    • 100% replaceable without having to remove the hook arm (15 minute – one person job)
  • No Premature Hose Wear
    • No sharp edges prematurely cutting through hydraulic hoses
  • All-Parts Warranty
    • 2-years all parts (unlike the industry standard, 1-year all parts)

Multilift Models

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