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Multilift trucks, offered by ECTTS, are versatile and robust vehicles designed to handle a variety of lifting and transporting tasks with ease. These trucks feature innovative multi-lift systems that allow for efficient loading, unloading, and transport of heavy equipment, containers, and other large items.

One of the key advantages of multi-lift trucks is their ability to handle multiple types of loads using interchangeable lift attachments. This versatility makes them ideal for industries such as construction, waste management, recycling, and logistics, where different types of cargo need to be transported efficiently.

ECTTS offers a range of multi-lift trucks with various lifting capacities and configurations to suit different needs and applications. Whether you need to transport containers, dumpsters, flatbeds, or other heavy loads, there’s a multi-lift truck available to get the job done.

Additionally, ECTTS provides comprehensive support and service for multi-lift trucks, ensuring that they remain in optimal condition and perform reliably over time. From sales and financing to maintenance and repairs, ECTTS is committed to helping customers maximize the productivity and efficiency of their multi-lift truck fleets.

Overall, multi-lift trucks from ECTTS are a smart investment for businesses looking to streamline their operations and increase their hauling capabilities. With their versatility, durability, and exceptional performance, these trucks are built to tackle the toughest lifting and transporting challenges with ease.



The MULTILIFT Advantage


ALL MODELS – Standard Features & Benefits

  • Safety Latch
    • Secures the bale / lift bar inside hook through all cycles, opens only to grab or release
  • Adjustable Hook Height
    • Included as standard feature on all models capable of accepting this feature
  • Electric Cab Controls
    • Included, not an upgrade
    • Better viewing angles for the operator, as the controller is handheld and moveable
    • Manual override at valve included on all models
  • Safety / Maintenance Prop
    • Included, not an upgrade
  • High Tensile Steel
    • Critical in reducing overall system weight (increases legal payload for our customers)
  • Sensors / Wiring
    • IP67 rated, sealed and submersible up to 3’ under water
    • Proven track record, used for over 20 years in production models (consumer and military)
    • Prevents unsafe operation, reducing the risk of personal injury or equipment damage
  • Sliding Hook Arm (aka Jib) Design
    • Allows for maximum range of body length engagement
  • Body-up Warning Light
    • Included on every controller, not an upgrade
  • Operating Speed
    • Normal operating speeds are best-in-class
    • Performance package (PF) available on select ULTIMA models, cut cycle times in half for lightning-fast operation
  • Lowest Mounting Height
    • Always the lowest mounting height, best-in-class
  • Direct Mount Piston Pump
    • Reversible out of the box
    • Includes hose fittings
    • Allows for use of smaller pump and smaller diameter cylinders (aids in weight reduction). Smaller pump and cylinders also reduce the amount of hydraulic fluid required (additional weight reduction).
  • Nylatron Wear Pads
    • Used only to center (up and down, side to side) hook arm (aka Jib) travel
    • 100% replaceable without having to remove the hook arm (15 minute – one person job)
  • No Premature Hose Wear
    • No sharp edges prematurely cutting through hydraulic hoses
  • All-Parts Warranty
    • 2-years all parts (unlike the industry standard, 1-year all parts)

Multilift Models

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