Galfab Roll-off Dumpster Trucks For Sale

Are you paying someone else to haul things? Is your wrecker service under pressure to clear accidents quickly?

Benefits of a Roll-Off Dumpster Truck

These types of trucks are very popular with many waste management professionals; and for good reason. They are very useful and they have a number of applications for a variety of different businesses. Unlike fixed body single purpose trucks, roll-off dumpster trucks offer the freedom to load any type of container that sits on rails. This allows for a business owner to offer several services bringing diversity to the business meanwhile maintaining a relatively small fleet of trucks.

Roll-off trucks are used by waste management professionals, dealers in scrap and construction firms to haul waste, scrap materials and debris wherever they need to go. Disaster relief efforts are often aided by having debris and large objects moved out of the way by a roll-off. The most common sized roll-off truck is 14 ft., which is a good size for moving a mini skid steer or compact utility loader while remaining highly maneuverable. With the container remaining on site for a long period of time, the Roll Off Truck is free to pick up and drop off in many locations in a given day. The overall advantage to using a roll-off truck or dumpster truck as opposed to a fixed body truck is the freedom to load any type of container that sits on rails. Once the container is full your client can simply call for you to pick it up. This allows you to provide dumpster services to a large number of clients while maintaining a relatively small fleet of trucks. The containers themselves are generally standardized and low maintenance making it easy and affordable to buy and sell them if your needs should change.  Call or email us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions.


  1. Don’t wait for someone else to make a pick-up or delivery
  2. Pick up anything you can get rails under which makes it very flexible.
  3. With an extended tailgate, it can be a dump truck, container carrier, or flatbed.

The East Coast Waste Collection Advantage – Choose The Specs That Meet Your Application

When you shop to purchase a roll off truck you need to know exactly how you plan to use it. Is it for collecting general refuse or construction material? Is it going to contain scrap or recycling material? Each of these applications will have specific needs and you’ll want to make sure the truck you choose has those specs. Depending on what you’re hauling, you may have to worry about a shifting load, shorter or heavier containers, high-density weight or high-cycle count – these considerations will impact the type of container you need. For the truck chassis, look for engines with 425 HP or greater for roll-off applications with a battery designed for severe duty. The engine must also be double or single (7/16 in.) framed, have a 46k lbs. rear axle rating or better, 18k or 20k lbs. front axle rating, and clear frame packaging. Also, think about utilizing systems with quick cycle times or systems with single-stage cylinders that aren’t prone to cylinder cavitation with shifting loads. Our experts will share the options available for your application and recommend the best fit.

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