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ULTIMA Multilift

The Ultima Multilift by Hiab is designed to help you get more done with total confidence in the safety of your drivers, your trucks, and the surrounding area. It is all thanks to innovative features that combine the powerful strength of a Multilift with a never-before-seen level of control. By investing in a Hiab Multilift you are investing in the quality and performance you need to fulfill your commitments to your customers every day! Ultima is engineered with radical innovations that ensure greater control, safety and productivity in anything loading duty. From HiVision camera-guided functions and advanced connectivity, to a unique integrated weighing system and intuitive touchscreen controls, Ultima represents the pinnacle in load handling.

ULTIMA – Standard Features & Benefits

  • 62 Inch hook height
  • Soft Lowering
    • System automatically slows lowering from the dump cycle (last 12” of travel)
  • Float Function
    • System supplies electricity to the lift cylinders while truck is powered on, allowing them to float in
      and out during transport.
    • Act as oversized shock absorbers, preventing premature stress cracks due to rough or off-road
      forces. This feature alone doubles the life expectancy of the hooklift and chassis frames.
    • Provides a noticeably smoother ride for the operator
  • Pull Limiter
    • Notifies the operator when the body is secured inside the rear locks
    • Double feature, stops shorter than intended containers in a desired location. Install locking plates
      on short containers / bodies where needed.
  • Solid Casting
    • Four times stronger than plate steel, installed at every critical stress point on the system
    • Does not fatigue as easily as adding additional plate steel for reinforcement
    • Less weight than stacking additional plate steel for reinforcement
  • Proportional Operation
    • Preset to factory recommendation (can be adjusted)
  • Expandable Hydraulic Valve Tray
    • Add a low or high flow valve, open or closed center to operate other hydraulically powered
      equipment without the need for a complex and very expensive central hydraulic system
    • All add-on valves are adjustable from 400 psi up to 5,000 psi
    • Adjustable / capable of operating with a fixed or variable displacement pump
  • Flex Controller – Smart Hooklift
    • 100% joystick operated for basic hooklift operation
    • Notifies operator when it’s time for service (records number of cycles and hours)
    • Auto Sequence – optional upgrade. Reduces loading and unloading down to a single step
      (industry standard two-step process). Unlimited number of programable steps.
    • Up to 18 open buttons for adding additional equipment (work lights, tarp, spreader, plow, etc…)
      or can be used for redundancy in basic hooklift operation. Buttons can be programed for on/off
      or momentary functionality
    • Constantly communicating with the CANbus system while truck is powered on. CANbus / system
      software is upgradable at no change and anytime new updates are available.
  • Friction Relief
    • Adjustable hydraulic cushion that suspends and supports container / bodies while sliding back
      and forth across the platform (loading and unloading
    • Happens automatically, not an extra step for the operator
    • Prevents wear commonly seen to bottom of long rails
    • Prevents wear to hooklift container / body supports
    • Eliminates vibration and noise during loading or unloading
    • Eliminates the need to replace expensive wear pads and hardware
    • Can be disabled
  • Structural Warranty
    • Best-in-class – 5-years structural


ULTIMA Multilift
ULTIMA Multilift
ULTIMA Multilift
ULTIMA Multilift

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