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Autumn Safety for Commercial Drivers

For some of us, it sure doesn’t feel like summer is over – but it’s already here! 
Here are a few autumn safety tips for preparing your truck(s) in advance of the cold weather:


Leaves on the Road

While the fall foliage is breathtaking enough to bring tourists out in droves, they’re sure to be a pain once they hit the pavement. Especially after it rains, they can stick to the pavement and cause slippery conditions. The leaves may not be the only thing on the road, either – they can hide other more dangerous debris as well.  If you see leaf patches on the road, slow down and avoid sudden braking or swerving, since the leaves can cause hydroplaning or force your swerve into a spin. After safely navigating the area, be sure to call highway patrol or local authorities to alert them to the leaf debris so they can address potential hazards.


Shorter Days – Longer Nights

The sun is already setting earlier each day. Less daylight means more travelling in the dark. Most drivers know that nighttime driving is inherently more dangerous, so remember your nighttime driving tips. Make sure all of your lights are operational before every trip, and that your headlights are in good condition. Increase your following distance – distance judgments are more difficult at night for both you and other drivers on the road. Check your mirrors more frequently and be sure to keep them and your windshield and other glass clean.

Harvest Time

Fall is harvest season, and across the United States farmers will be gearing up for the annual harvest. In some states this process has already begun – with more tractors, combines, and trucks on the road. Tractors in particular move extremely slowly – other drivers should be aware of their presence and only pass when no other traffic is present. It can be a pain to be stuck behind a slow moving tractor while waiting for a chance to pass, but risking an accident is not worth it.

Winter is Just around the Corner

It may not feel like it, but in a few weeks most of the United States will start feeling the chill of winter. While the holidays might seem far off now, it is best to start preparing for weather before it gets here. You never know when you’ll get an early frost or snowfall. Truckers should be prepared for icy conditions in addition to slick leaves and other dangers. Also be sure to check on your maintenance schedule and make sure your truck is good to go.


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