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Why Your Business Needs Customer Reviews

Your Best Salesperson Should Tell Your Story

You know your company has the very best product and/or service in the industry; however, no one seems to know this but you. In this era of frenzied business competition, how do you make sure people know what you do for your customers? Of the many forms of advertising and marketing, only one can change how someone “feels” about your company. Only one speaks to people, because it’s by a real person. Your best salesperson should tell your story. You need your customers to share their stories – you need customer reviews, testimonials, and recommendations. With these references, you are now the star, instead of simply another player on the field.

Leave us a review on Google! - Customer ReviewsThere is no doubt that it can be difficult to get great customer reviews – if you simply sit back and wait for them. While customers may indeed love what you do for them, it’s always hard to get someone to submit a great review on their own, and especially if you give them nowhere to do so. Negative reviews seem to be another story – we’ll get to those later.

Customer review

Keep your reviews current. No one wants to see a review from 1984.

The truth is you have to ask for customer reviews. Somewhere you have an email list of people your company deals with. Write a personalized e-mail (no bulk e-mails) to your customers asking for their thoughts on your products/services. When you get a good review back; and you will, simply ask the customer if it would be OK to use their review. Happy customers will likely agree to this, as they already appreciate what you do for them, and probably wouldn’t mind influencing others, as well. It’s simply human nature to be an influencer. It makes us feel good about our purchasing decision when people act on what we tell them. With permission, use these reviews on your web pages, literature, and anywhere people see your company in public.

ECTTS Customer Reviews on GoogleIf you don’t have time for this, find someone that does. Much as referrals carry weight for job interviewees, they are essential to your business for the same reason. Each customer interaction is an interview. You are “hired” or “fired” on the purchaser’s review of your business’ “resume.” If it’s filled with recommendations, chances are good you’ll be getting the job.

ECTTS Customer Reviews - FacebookThe beauty of this customer review system is that it also allows you the chance to correct any problems your company might also have. As much as we dislike getting negative feedback, it is a necessary part of business. Each one should be viewed as an opportunity. If you get a negative review from a customer, and it truly was something that was your fault, and an area you can improve upon; do so. Then communicate the steps taken to your customer. You become a stronger company with every review – be it positive or negative.

ECTTS Customer Reviews - GoogleYour best customer is also your best sales person, if you ask.

With that said, we at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales would love to hear from you. Please leave us a review on Facebook, Google, or contact us and let us know about your experience and what we can do to improve our relationship with you. As stated above, our best sales person is a happy customer.

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