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Get ready to revolutionize your towing and recovery game with our lineup of JERR-DAN Trucks for sale. Setting the standard in the industry, Jerr-Dan is synonymous with innovation, excellence, and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. With over 25 patents to their name, including groundbreaking advancements like the rollback wheel-lift and lightweight, rust-resistant tow truck bodies, Jerr-Dan’s engineering prowess is second to none.

As a leader in the towing and recovery business, Jerr-Dan has an unsurpassed commitment to product innovation, quality, value and customer service. Jerr-Dan’s engineering and design team have earned more than 25 patents around the world for their products, including the advanced rollback wheel-lift and the lightweight/rust resistant tow truck body.

Here at ECTTS we are committed to the quality and longevity our customers get from Jerr-Dan towing and carrier bodies. Click on the categories below to learn more about what Jerr-Dan can offer you.

Rollbacks for Sale

Jerr-Dan Truck For Sale – Jerr-Dan Trucks For Sale


At ECTTS, we don’t just sell products; we forge partnerships built on trust, quality, and longevity. We stand behind every Jerr-Dan towing and carrier body we offer, ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the best. Dive into our selection and discover firsthand the unmatched performance and reliability that Jerr-Dan brings to the table.

Click to explore the categories and unlock the potential of Jerr-Dan technology. Elevate your towing experience with ECTTS and Jerr-Dan, where every journey is powered by innovation and excellence.

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