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      Standard-Duty Wreckers


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      No truck out-works, out-smarts or out-tows the MPL40 wrecker from Jerr-Dan. With an 8-ton recovery boom and choice of three wheel-grid packages, the MPL40 has the versatility to handle whatever job you put in its path. And with safety innovations like the patented LOCKLINK®, you’ll be able to tackle more tows in every shift. Best of all, it’s a Jerr-Dan—so you know you can rely on it day in, and day out.


      Ball Hitch Attachment

      Tow Dolly With Storage Bracket Option

      Spade Foot Attachment

      Recovery Sheave

      Fifth Wheel Attachment

      Gooseneck Attachment

      Wireless Remote Control Option

      Toggle Box Control Option

      Hydraulic Self-Loader Option

      Manual L-Arm

      Pivoting Manual L-Arm

      Motorcycle Attachment Option


      Jerr-Dan’s MPL-NG series offers smart design and unrelenting performance thanks to its modular aluminum body and our patented Underlift Level Stop Assist System, which prevents wasting precious set-up time. Jerr-Dan’s patented LOCKLINK® mechanism locks wheel-retaining arms in the full tire engaged position. The Negative Tilt Feature on the wheel lift is perfect for vehicles in parking ramps and the 4-1/2″ high hydraulic crossbar, with 4,000 lb. capacity, assures clearance for even the lowest profile vehicles. The body has a clear deck top and offers more space for storage, while the headboard provides great visibility. The hydraulic valve on the MPL-NG is positioned for easier servicing to get you on the road and back in business faster.


      Tow Sling Option

      Ball Hitch Attachment

      Tow Dolly with Storage Bracket Option

      Spade Foot Attachment Option

      Recovery Sheave Option

      Fifth Wheel Attachment Option

      Gooseneck Attachment Option

      Wireless Remote Control Option

      Membrane Remote Control

      Hydraulic Self-Loader Option

      Manual L-Arm Option

      Pivoting Manual L-Arm Option

      Motorcycle Attachment Option

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