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2023 DOT Week – May 16 to 18

The United States Department of Transportation will conduct safety inspections May 16th - May 18th.

DOT Blitz 2023 is a week-long annual inpsection event by the Department of Transportation that promotes safety in the industrial truck industry by conducting rigorous inspections of commercial trucks and drivers. Inspectors will be looking fr any and all potential hazards that could lead to future accidents.

Commercial truck drivers are encouraged to prepare for DOT Blitz Week to help them remain in compliance with safety regulations in a systematic way thereby leadng to safer roads for all drivers. Being inspection ready can also help commercial truck drivers avoid violations and resulting fines.

It is important to note that the DOT Blitz is not the same as the CVSA Roadcheck though the two events share some similarities. While both events are aimed at promoting commercial motor vehicle safety via roadside inspections, the CVSA event affects all of North America, including Canada and Mexico but the DOT Blitz is limited to the United States and the DOT Blitz takes place 1-2 months before the CVSA Roadcheck.

To prepare for the event, please ensure you follow these steps:

  1. Conduct a Pre-Inspection
  2. Review Documentation (Driver logs, registration, insurance, etc.)
  3. Train your drivers
  4. Draft a Compliance Plan

To minimize any disruptions to your operations during DOT Blitz Week make sure you allow your drivers to schedule flexibly, make sure each transit is compliant with regulations, pay close attention to lanes with a distance of 500-600 miles, communicate clearly any layover accessorials to ensure fair compensation, consider delaying shipments until the following week and remember that while DOT Week may tighten capacity, it is unlikely to cause total disruption to the supply chain.

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