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NTDAW Makes Big-League Move With Trucking Day at Nationals Park


If you’ve ever enjoyed nachos or a hot dog at baseball game, you have a truck driver to thank for transporting it.

On Sept. 13, American Trucking Associations will do just that as it honors truck drivers during a major league baseball game on Trucking Day at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C.

The event is part of Sept. 8-14 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which recognizes the hard work and accomplishments of members of the trucking industry.

“It’s an important time to celebrate everybody, to give them a pat on the back and to let them know how appreciated they are,” said Elisabeth Barna, chief operating officer and executive vice president of industry affairs for ATA. “It’s a good time for the industry to come together as well.”

One truck driver will be selected to sing the national anthem at the game, and two others will hold the finish line ribbon for the Presidents Race during the fourth inning.

In addition, distinguished members of the trucking industry, such as the National Tank Truck Carriers Driver of the Year and the National Truck Driving Championships Grand Champion, will be recognized on the field mid-game. ATA will also invite former ATA Chairman Don Bowman — the founder of NTDAW — to be honored at the game.

Safety Sammy (John Sommers II for Transport Topics)

One reason ATA is having Trucking Day at Nationals Park is to increase the visibility of the trucking industry.

“We want to bring awareness to Capitol Hill and to the Department of Transportation about the trucking industry, funding that we need and how important the industry is to the overall economy,” Barna said. “The more educated the legislature, the better decisions they can make when they’re making decisions that affect us.”

Trucking Day at Nationals Park and NTDAW in general are also opportunities for truck drivers’ families to see the importance of their work.

“A lot of times these drivers are on the road for a couple weeks at a time,” said Barna. “Their spouse is back at home, their kids are back at home and they’re missing their kids’ baseball games. It’s a time to not only honor the driver but their support system, which is their family.”

Fans attending Trucking Day also might want to keep an eye out for the Trucking Moves America Forward mascot Safety Sammy, who will make an appearance at the Navy Yard-Ballpark Metrorail station.

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