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SmartLINQ – Peterbilt’s Built-In Monitoring System

Here to Help You Stay on the Road

SmartLINQ is a factory installed diagnostic system in all new Peterbilt trucks – including all of the new Petes on our lot!! – and it is designed to help you stay on the road. SmartLINQ helps drivers, fleet owners, and vehicle service and maintenance coordinators by remotely keeping track of engine and aftertreatment diagnostic codes, notifying the appropriate parties of problems that need to be addressed, and instantly giving the driver an easy to understand alert with directions on how to proceed.

SmartLINQ in ActionThe online portal for SmartLINQ, through PACCAR, allows the fleet owner or truck maintenance person to view all of the fleet’s trucks color coded to show their current engine health, allows for customized notifications 24/7/365 of alerts from trucks, and tracks the vehicles through North America.

SmartLINQ web portal

All new Peterbilt trucks come with a complimentary two-year subscription (longer with applicable warranties) to SmartLINQ. Whenever repairs are needed, SmartLINQ provides contact information for the closest three Peterbilt dealerships in order to get the repair handled quickly and efficiently. The system can be set to connect with these dealerships automatically so they can be prepared for you with the necessary parts and service to get you back on the road.

Drivers will see easy to understand fault codes that say whether they can keep running as normal, seek repairs immediately, or stop engine immediately, depending on the severity of the engine or aftertreatment issue. SmartLINQ will, at the same time, send their information to the PACCAR back office, which generates the email notifications via user-friendly text and graphics to convey the problem and what needs to be done to solve it.

SmartLINQ is designed with you in mind: affording maximum up-time, streamlining fleet service management, and ensuring trucks are running at their best so you can keep on truckin’.

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