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Tow truck driver hurt post-storm

Tow truck driver hurt post-storm
from CBC News
April 30,2010

A tow truck driver, trying to clear a crash after a major snowstorm in southern Alberta, was seriously hurt when a car struck him. The tow truck driver was on Highway 22, south of Cremona, when a southbound Volkswagen Jetta hit him on Thursday afternoon. The Jetta’s driver then left the scene in another vehicle, said police. Didsbury police said weather was no longer a factor at the time of the collision. The tow truck driver was taken to the Foothills hospital with serious injuries. He is in stable condition.Charges are pending against a man, 48, who is in custody. Power still out About 1,000 homes are still in the dark in southern Alberta after more than 15 centimetres of snow fell in some areas between Wednesday and Thursday.Electricity provider, Fortis Alberta, has 300 workers restoring power to some homes and businesses south of Cardston and in the High River area on Friday. Helicopters are also being used to spot downed lines as some areas are still difficult to access by road.”In some areas, the snow is two to three feet deep. That compounded with the high winds that some areas experienced yesterday certainly didn’t help,” said Fortis spokeswoman Jennifer McGowan.Some rural residents who are in isolated areas with no power need to call Fortis to ensure crews get to them, she added.
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