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Slow Down – Move Over (SDMO) – It’s the Law!

50 States have the Slow Down Move Over Law

Slow Down Move Over LawSlow Down – Move Over (SDMO) – It’s the Law! Tragically, emergency responders are being struck and killed at traffic incidents in the U.S. on an average of five firefighters a year, one law enforcement officer a month, one tow truck operator a week and one road service person every three days!

Working an incident is always a fluid situation. These first responders must always have one eye on traffic and another on the job at hand.

The Wall of the Fallen located at the International Towing and Recovery Museum in Chattanooga now includes over 390 names of towing professionals who have been victims of Struck-By Incidents, and sadly the list is growing by more than 40 names each year.

To combat this tragic issue, all 50 states now have the “Slow Down Move Over” law in place, but we still lose not only law enforcement officers and emergency responders, but towing operators and civilians on an almost daily basis. Why? According to a national poll by Mason Dixon Polling & Research, sponsored by the National Safety Commission, 71 percent of Americans have never heard of “Move Over” laws.

Help us put an end to this sadness. Slow Down – Move Over (SDMO) – It’s the Law! Please join East Coast Truck & Trailer Sales in the Spirit Ride.  The Spirit Ride is intended to draw media attention to Move-Over laws and the needless sacrifices towers and other first responders make in serving the motoring public and transportation industry. To date, over 300 towing companies have signed up to carry the “Spirit” by car carrier as towers continue to volunteer to participate and also lend their ideas to the project.


Slow Down Move Over LawThe tour will begin towards the end of Spring 2017 relaying from carrier to carrier, town to town, across the entire country to its final stop at the American Towman Exposition in Baltimore, Maryland November 2017.

Details, including stops along the route, will be determined over the course of this year as towers sign up to participate.


Towers may be part of the Spirit Ride in more than one way. A tow company may carry the casket for a leg of the journey, or may join the procession, or show up for a ceremonial rally to greet the procession. A tower may also help with promoting the Spirit Ride to local media.

For more information and the sign up, please visit:

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