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2023 Top Safety Tips for National Safety Month

June 2023

Tow Times Magazine puts out its list of 10 Tips to keep your wrecker or rollback safe

To handle the toughest jobs on the road a tow truck needs to be loaded up with the proper recovery and tow equipment tie-down and connection gear and necessary tools. However, a tow operator must also ensure the tow truck is equipped to handle any hazards which may arise on the job. Follow these 10 safety tips below to make sure you and the motoring public stay safe from harm.

1 – Store commonly used equipment such as fuel, batteries, tools, etc., on the non-traffic side of the truck.

2 – Ensure truck lighting is fully functional and adequate for the situation.

3 – Check that work/hook-up lighting is mounted and/or adjusted to avoid shining at oncoming traffic.

4Reflective decals/lettering enhances nighttime/low light visibility.

5 – Carry warning cones, flares (traditional or electronic) and triangles. Federal Cones should be 28 inches tall with two reflective bands.

6 – Make sure reflective vests/outerwear are either donned or in the truck and accessible.

7Fire extinguishers must be properly mounted and charged.

8 – Keep personal protective equipment (PPE) where it is readily accessible.

9 – Stock a basic first-aid kit.

10 – Store scene clean-up items such as broom, shovel, and buckets for absorbent and trash/debris.


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Tips provided courtesy of Tow Times Magazine, June 2023

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