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Saluting Truck Drivers & Veterans

In our daily lives as fast paced human beings, it may be easy to slow down and reflect on the cycle of life and those who impact it. The most common task of purchasing everyday goods is something few may think to delve into. Far less the notion that there is a veteran who has made your cold bowl of cereal possible or those snug jogging pants, oil, gas, food and the list is endless. The truth is the commerce that freight transports it what keeps this country going. It is what makes it possible to live as we have adapted to thriving in this era and many more to come.

As we mindlessly, to no fault of our own, consume things rapidly; headlines, burgers, policies. Let us take a second to reflect and give thanks to those who have sacrificed so much so that we could take home a little bit of joy, just enough, or awesome. There are 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States alone and 1 in 9 are owner operators.

15.5 million trucks operate in the U.S. yearly carrying close to 70% of all freight that needs to be moved. Without truck drivers moving products and goods; it’s safe to say that America would stop.

The lifestyle of a trucker is not glamorous, but a necessary one most say comes with passion. I have a brother myself, who has enjoyed trucking since he was in diapers, watching his grandfather dump loads every morning and riding back to the farm with him.You ask a trucker why we trucks; you’ll get a million different answers all riddled with passion. It is great to enjoy the fruits of your labor. So many of our drivers put in long hours; sacrificing time away from family and loved ones.

Is this a sacrifice we would be willing to make everyday? With Veteran’s day approaching I would like to salute all of the veterans out there who have fought for our freedom.

Best put, in the words of ATA President and CEO Bill Graves, “I think there’s no higher calling for an American than to serve in our armed forces, and driving a truck, delivering America’s most essential goods safely, is also a high calling.”

Perhaps this is why the company has set a 100,000-veteran, two-year hiring goal for U.S. trucking. Another noble statistic about the trucking industry is their median salary of about $32,000 yearly or 30.3 cents per mile with owner operators making slightly more than this. The trucking industry is responsible for over 255.5 billion USD in revenue, hauling in 18 billion USD more than air freight.

There is something to be said for these men and women who risk their lives on our highways. There is a notion of thankfulness to be had for our road warriors’ constant dedication to our lifestyles. So to all the truck drivers, dispatchers, and working men and women in the freight industry – we salute you.

Because without you, there is no us. And it is the union of our works that keeps this country running and makes America wonderful. Click the graphic below to Tweet and automated thank you and show your support to the trucking industry.


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