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7 Reasons To Keep Your Truck Serviced

When was the last time your truck was serviced?

7 Reasons to keep you truck servicedConsistent truck maintenance is very critical due to work loads and traveling long distances. Sometimes we are so focused on work and the job at hand that maintenance services are forgotten. The more work you have the busier you are and the less likely you are to get basic maintenance done because nothing seems wrong.  Keeping your truck in tip top shape is better for your business and pockets. Check out these seven great reason below:

1. Save Money 

Keeping up with maintenance cost but its actually save your money in the long haul. For example is your regularly keep up with your oil changes it keeps your engine performing properly. But if you refuse to get your oil changed you are at risk of having your engine blow out costing more money to repair and long time in the shop.

2. Preserve Your Career 

Your truck is your livelihood and largest investment. Having a functional with all parts working properly makes your job easier and more secure. You’ll have confidence in driving long distances with zero worries about breaking down, or even wore an accident.

3. Greater Gas Mileage 

Maintaining your engine and parts serviced regularly assists your truck in performing at the A1 level. This gives you better gas mileage and more money your pocket.

4. Maintain Warranty 

If you have a truck its especially important if you follow your truck’s factory scheduled maintenance. Having the warranty is something you want to have if in an event a part isn’t functioning properly.

5. Truck Value 

If in the future you want to sell your truck you want to get the best amount for the truck. Having a well maintained and serviced truck helps your retain your trucks value.

6. Save the Environment 

You can help reduce the amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions into the air. Do your part in helping by getting your truck serviced which reduces harmful fumes.

7. Vehicle Safety 

The most important thing about your truck is the safety of yourself and others while on the road. The more reliable the safer your vehicle is. Maintaining your truck maintenance services is the best result for your safety concerns.

Review your truck owner’s manual and schedule your service today. Here at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales our facility is equipped with 15 service bays! With state of the art equipment, and certified professionals working in our shop, we have what it takes to keep you on the road! Offering major and minor work to all types of vehicles. We are an authorized warranty repair facility for Arvin Meritor, Frigette, Cottrell & Wally-Mo trailers. Our expert team are always excited to help you take of your truck and keep it driving safely.

Our Mechanics are CAT, Detroit, and Cummins Certified!


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