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AAA Nebraska Launches “Move Over for Me” Campaign

October 14, 2022

AAA has long supported state “Move Over” laws, which require drivers to slow down and move over for emergency responders on the roadside, yet each year there continue to be an alarming number of fatalities reported due to motorists failing to slow down and change lanes for roadside work and distressed vehicles. Nearly 350 people yearly are struck and killed outside a disabled vehicle, and roughly a quarter of motorists polled don’t know that Slow Down, Move Over laws exist in their state. AAA, Nebraska hopes to aid the legal and educational efforts with its new “Move Over for Me” ad campaign that asks drivers to move over for all motorists stuck on the roadside as well as for first responders.

“For years, Slow Down, Move Over efforts have focused on emergency responders, and it’s critical that we continue to protect these individuals who come to the aid of motorists,” comments Brian Ortner, Public Affairs Specialist at AAA, Nebraska. “But as motorists get flat tires, break down, run out of gas, or find themselves otherwise in trouble at the roadside, they also face the dangerous elements of high-speed traffic and need the same protection.”

A new survey conducted by AAA researchers found that 97% of motorists are generally concerned about vehicles passing at high speeds when they find themselves stopped on the shoulder. When you also consider the rising incidence of roadway fatalities it becomes clear that motorists need to slow down and move over for all vehicles parked on the roadside, whether it is an emergency vehicle or tow operator with flashing lights or a disabled vehicle with its hazard lights on.

AAA hopes to further spread awareness of existing Move Over laws with its “Move Over for Me” campaign, which will commence this month. The Auto Club Group has created ads involving familiar roadside scenarios like flat tires, running out of gas, and experiencing engine trouble. These campaigns will appear on social media outlets, at public events, on service vehicles, and in all AAA retail locations.

AAA and other traffic safety advocates have taken the initiative getting Move Over laws passed in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to protect emergency responders and disabled motorists. This year, AAA in collaboration with the Towing and Recovery Association of America is working to introduce a federal resolution for there to be a National Move Over Law Day. A national day serves as an additional means of reminding drivers of the importance of paying attention to their surroundings, and when they see others stopped roadside working or stranded with a disabled vehicle, slowing down and moving over.

In a proclamation ceremony held Monday, October 3rd, The governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts, announced that Saturday, October 15th, would henceforth be “Slow Down Move Over Day” statewide. Nebraska’s current law, Statute 61-6,378, covers roadside workers and their vehicles including first responders, tow trucks, and utility vehicles, but does not yet protect municipal vehicles, road maintenance workers, nor disabled vehicles. Research reveals that approximately 350 people have been struck and killed each year while maneuvering near or around a disabled vehicle on U.S. roadways, and in Nebraska that averages out to about 8 people killed per anum.

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