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DOT Orders Demco Express to Shut Down –

It says a lot about the carhauler and autohauler industry that not one autotransport company
has been shut down. So far the shutdowns, as you will see in the linked article have been:

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  1.  confined to general trucking companies
  2. companies with huge outrageous violations

Most carhaulers are very experienced and run their operations cleanly. So far so good…

DOT Orders Demco Express to Shut Down –


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The inevitable has hit. I read in Transport Topics that 5 carriers are already talking about increasing wages. Hopefully this trend will spill over to Carhauler Fleets and Carhauler owner operators. The reasons are simple

  • too few drivers
  • too many requirements to be a driver
  • too much time away from home

I bet this trend will continue since no one is doing anything to try to increase the driver pool. The question is, at what point will goods become so expensive due to market demand for drivers?

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Every Carhauler knows that a dollar saved is a dollar earned. Every Carhauler also knows that the price of fuel is outrageous. Every increase in the price of fuel reduces the profit of the Carhauler. I saw some great information in about sites that can help you find funding for idle reduction.

There were a number of sites mentioned but here is the link to the one I found most helpful from the get go:

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The Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, CA a...this is a bridge…not a diving board for carhaulersThis post is not about carhaulers and bridges. It is about what will happen to carhaulers if heavier trucks are allowed on the roads. The simple fact that every carhauler owner must accept is:

Our roads and bridges cannot take it..

It is unlikely that every road, bridge, or overpass can be inspected and fixed and then inspected again in the next 5 to 10 years. This really is not a choice. Going over a bridge should not be a death lot [...]

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Safety Legislation Newsletter:

Excellent read for autohauling, carhauling, Cottrell, and Autotransport information. This issue includes

Safety legislation: Definitely pertinent to today’s carhauler as safety has to be priority #!

Straps versus chains: Carhaulers are required by manufacturers to have strap units but what do you do if you have a chain unit trailer? Good information on what to do.

Will reducing the speed limit of your Carhauler be beneficial? opinions vary but
some trucking companies are going to this option


Safety Legislation Newsletter PDF

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