Cottrell Auto Transport Car Hauler Trailers

The largest Cottrell dealer in the United States

Cottrell Car Hauler Trailers


From the original Quickloader to the NextGen, Cottrell’s auto transport car hauler trailers are the latest in car carrier technology. With a complete line of size and load capabilities, these car carriers are extremely efficient and provide some of the fastest loading and unloading times available in the car hauling industry. As the largest dealer of Cottrell car haulers in the United States, we have the largest selection of auto haulers on-the-lot and ready to work for you. Shop our large inventory including several premium tractor and trailer car carrier combinations like the CX-11HCS. An excellent choice for cross country haulers, this high rail trailer has all independent decks which makes it the most versatile piece of equipment on the market. The CX09LS car hauler series is excellent for those loading multiple times a day and running locally. This flat-top quick-loader ensures the fastest loading and unloading times possible. Shop our lot, see our showcase of car haulers on our Youtube Channel, and give us a call to learn more.  

Do you own a Cottrell trailer now? Congratulations! You know first hand how the quality products we sell. Not only do we have a large selection of trailers, we have the parts you need and we deliver them fast! Keep your Cottrell trailer looking new and on the road. Shop our Cottrell car hauler trailer replacement parts selection at

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