Cottrell CX-11SS

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      Model CX-11SS High Sideframe Screw Car Hauler

      Cottrell CX-11 SS


      Standard Features

        Two (2) Year Structural Warranty
        Aluminum Track Sheets, Tandem Hose and Valve Covers
        Quick Release Ratchet System for Straps
        Hendrickson INTRAAX axle / suspension combination with HLS hubs (5yr / 500k warranty)
        WABCO 4S / 2M ABS System
        Parker Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
        Curtiss Wright 4-Port Aluminum Valves with Flow Dividers in Select Positions
        Truck – Lite Incandescent Lights
        Factory Sealed Modular Wiring Harness
        Night Loading (5) and Rear Upper (2) Turn Signal and Marker Lights
        Sandblast, Prime and Akzo Nobel Autocoat LV Top Coat (5 yr Limited Warranty)
        Michelin Tires.

      Options & Upgrades

        22.5″ or 19.5″ Axle Assembly
        Hendrickson Tire Inflation Systems
        Alcoa Aluminum Wheel Upgrade
        Parker 431 Rubber Dbl Wire or Parflex Thermoplastic Hose
        Stainless Steel Screw Drive over Tandem Deck
        Aluminum Flipper Upgrade
        L.E.D. Light Upgrade
        Additional Night Loading Lights
        Pneumatic Lift Kit and Weight Gauges
        Caution Signs and Strobe Lights
        Extra Light Packages
        Stainless Steel (Chrome) Packages

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