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-08/08/2019 It All Started With The Old Professor In 1916, Cadillacs and Ford Model T’s where the main types of cars that people use to travel around places. One day, a mechanic from Chattanooga, Tennessee named Ernest Holmes received a call from his old professor saying that his Ford Model T was stuck in a creek after he lost control of the situation. Holmes, along with ten men, managed to rescue the car. But, it took eight hours and uncomfortable blockages and ropes before it was completely out of the wreckage. The First Rescue Truck The situation might have stressed Mr. Holmes so he started to think about a way how to make it simple in order to save time and manpower. He developed a method to recover vehicles by designing a crane and pulley system with two of his friends. Then, they put the whole system on a 1913 Cadillac. The Cadillac was famous back then because it was one of the first cars that start through ignition rather than hand cranking. A little later, Holmes was still not satisfied as he found that the system he built could not withstand heavy-duty work. He did not give up at this point and added outriggers so the system becomes more stable. When he perfected the invention, he was granted patent fo [...]

Maintenance considerations for air disc brakes

With the increased adoption of air disc brakes, it is still crucial to implement a thorough PM program.
Download(10)Air disc brakes (ADB) continue to grow in popularity, and there are a number of reasons for this. Improved safety, shorter stopping distances, consistent stopping power and more efficient maintenance practices all help to lower both the cost per mile as well as vehicle downtime. As an example, the estimated time for a wheel-end drum brake shoe change and general maintenance hovers around the one-hour mark, while an air disc brake pad change out takes approximately 15 minutes. Brake performance is also a big advantage of the ADB system. This brake system can withstand the higher temperatures that often occur in a severe duty or transit application much more efficiently than a drum brake system. A vehicle will be less susceptible to fade because of this attribute. Rather than the drum moving away from the friction material as temperatures increase, the rotor will expand and move into the brake friction ma [...]
Ram Chassis Cab Ram Chassis Cab Not to be outdone by their more numerous light-duty siblings, medium-duty trucks covering Classes 4-6 have been the object of a flurry of development and experimentation the last few years. They're often on the job with upfit bodies of various kinds serving trades and utilities or handling last-mile and metro/urban-area deliveries and distribution, and they have the benefit of not requiring a commercial driver's license to operate. That adds to their appeal, since fleets can hire drivers from a much larger potential employee pool. Not only do these trucks have impressive capabilities, their typically shorter-range duty cycles have also made medium-duty trucks good candidates for electric power. While many electric trucks in these and even the heaviest classes are being developed, tested, and prototyped, medium duty is where you'll now find commercially-ready fully electric trucks for fleet purchase.
Image result for auto hauler in the snow Chilly days out there this winter across America—it's the perfect time for stuff on a truck to break, and you really don't want it to.  Trucking is an industry where the work always gets done, no matter the challenges – and there are many challenges. Staying on top of new legislation and regulation, monitoring new technologies and their benefits, and creating a company culture that attracts the best talent at all levels are just of few of the things leaders in transportation know to expect and can manage. Winter weather, however, is a factor team can prepare for, but no one can control. WINTER WEATHER TIPS FOR TRUCK DRIVERS TO STAY SAFE ON THE ROADS THIS WINTER:  —Be absolutely sure to do a thorough pre-trip inspection before you leave. —Test the truck's defroster and heater. —Replace wiper blades if needed (winter blad [...]
It’s rarely easy to be away from friends and family during Christmas or New Year’s, but there are things drivers can do to make the holidays more full of cheer. Few people want to be at work during the holidays. But for many truckers, that is their fate this time of year as they work to get goods delivered across the country during one of the busiest times of year for the profession. While it’s rarely easy to be away from friends and family during Christmas or New Year’s, there are things drivers can do to make the holidays more full of cheer. RoadPro Family of Brands has offered up five tips for truckers who find themselves away from home during Christmas and New Year’s.   Christmas Truck 1. Be flexible Allow some flexibility as to where and when the holiday activities with family and friends will take place. You don’t always control your own schedule on the road – so plan accordingly. Don’ [...]
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