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But have you ever wondered who these drivers are, what their days look like, or how dangerous their jobs are to their health and lives? Or, as you've driven past a vehicle, have you thought about what laws govern them? Perhaps you've seen the news stories about the fears truckers have about automation and wondered about job outlook for truck drivers. This article serves as a one-stop-shop to answer all these questions, using the most recent data available. How Many People Are Employed in Truck Driving? Truck driving is a massive industry in the U.S., with 3.6 million employed as professional drivers and 7.95 million working in the transportation field in [...]
- March 23rd, 2021 A police towing reform bill that was introduced on March 1 and then subject to further review will allow more towing and roadside service companies to compete fairly and openly for police vehicle tows throughout seven of Akron, Ohio’s twelve districts. The reform bill will be voted on next week. Up until this point police contracts have been split between a handful of tow companies at the [...]
Fatigued driving is an issue not to be treated lightly, especially among truck drivers or towing operators. After driving long hours, it is understandable that one will feel tired and even unintentionally doze off while driving. Staying alert and awake is absolutely essential to avoid crashes, accidents, and injuries on the road. Following are some useful tips to help tow truck drivers stay awake and prevent accidents. Get Enough Sleep Tow truck drivers have to be well-rested so that they can ha [...]
-08/08/2019 It All Started With The Old Professor In 1916, Cadillacs and Ford Model T’s where the main types of cars that people use to travel around places. One day, a mechanic from Chattanooga, Tennessee named Ernest Holmes received a call from his old professor saying that his Ford Model T was stuck in a creek after he lost control of the situation. Holmes, along with ten men, managed to rescue the car. But, it took eight hours and uncomfortable blockages and ropes before it was completely out of the wreckage. The First Rescue Truck The situation might have stressed Mr. Holmes so he started to think about a way how to make it simple in order to save time and manpower. He developed a method to recover vehicles by designi [...]

Maintenance considerations for air disc brakes

With the increased adoption of air disc brakes, it is still crucial to implement a thorough PM program.
Download(10)Air disc brakes (ADB) continue to grow in popularity, and there are a number of reasons for this. Improved safety, shorter stopping distances, consistent stopping power and more efficient maintenance practices all help to lower both the cost per mile as well as vehicle downtime. As an example, the estimated time for a wheel-end drum brake shoe change and general maintenance hovers around the one-hour mark, while an air disc brake pad change out takes approximately 15 minutes.
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