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-08/02/2019 A detailed, thoughtfully written business plan is more than just an outline from which to start a business. It’s the guide you use to be successful.  Following is a list of solid reasons why a trucking company needs to have a business plan. Set specific objectives. To correctly and successfully manage any business—in particular a trucking operation—it’s imperative you, the owner, establish defined and specific objectives with the means to track the success and failure of those objectives. You probably have a mental list in your mind; let’s get it down in writing so you can better organize the priority of each objective and how it’s going to be accomplished. Having it on paper provides the means to evaluate, twe [...]
-07/24/2019 Anyone even loosely involved in the transportation industry is familiar with the increased demand and rapid growth of the last few years. For example, motor carriers are busier than ever. The booming economy has increased the amount of freight needing to be transported, so transportation companies report they are constantly in need of more drivers and, specifically, drivers willing to spend more time on the road. Drivers are benefiting from this booming industry as competition to hire them increases, and motor carriers offer more pay and better benefits. Unfortunately, this increase in demand has resulted in more accidents occurring on the road that involve commercial motor vehicles. In May 2019, the Federal Mo [...]

The final quarter of 2018 presented more mixed results for freight indicators than the roar of late 2017 and the first half of 2018. Still, rates remained near historic highs as trucking capacity held tight. As the year ended, the economy appeared stable despite that lull.

Little risk of a recession looms for 2019, with momentum from 2018’s booming first six months and tax cuts expected to carry the U.S. economy well into next year, says Avery Vise, vice president of trucking at FTR, a transportation resea [...]

Running Smart

Tips and more tips to stay profitable no matter what

Ever felt like your trucking business was careening down an ice-covered mountain in ‘Georgia overdrive’? (That’s in ‘neutral’ for the younger truckers out there.) Many of us have wondered, “What was I thinking when I bought this #%&! truck? Now what?”

Well, to make it to the bottom in one piece, you’ll need to run smart.

For the majority of truckers and small motor carriers, even as the rates have improved, costs are still increasing. We’re left wondering what catastrophe is around the next bend. How are the threatened tariffs with our nation’s trading partners going to impact the freight we haul? And how can we plan for it?

As any great football coach knows, when the team’s behind and the opposition is first and [...]

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SunocoUS Fuel Prices May Be Volatile After Northeast US Refinery Closures


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