Cottrell CX-09 LSFA

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CX-09 LSFA Truck Hauler

The CX-09 LSFA model is the newest most efficient and effective quick loader-style unit available in the market today. This new design complies with new Federal length regulations. The 80’ FA model puts this unit into a new category of making things easier to load, keeping maintenance to a minimum, and maximizing load capacity with payback. This trailer can be combined with a 3-car CSFA, 3.5 car CSFA, and 4-car CSFA headramps making this a win win unit for the customer. Many of the existing options used in the Nextgen trailer series are available on this unit as well. For example, We stock with the popular truck hauling package, and QuixSpinz® ratchet heads. Cottrell has also incorporated more use of lighter material such as aluminum and Domex steel.


CAPACITY  – Nine (9) to Ten (10) Vehicles depending on combination
EMPTY WEIGHT – 41,000 to 44,400 lbs depending on specifications
WIDTH – 102 inches with the exception of safety equipment
DECKS – Pockets & Truck Package Available

Standard Features

  • Rear upper flipper option designed for 6ft overhang
  • Ability to secure vehicles on the trailer from ground level
  • Patented quick release floating rod tie down system
  • Heavy duty, abrasion resistant straps rated above 3400 lbs
  • 1/4″ Aluminum Decking with Round Pooches
  • Hendrickson light weight INTRAAX integrated suspension and axle system
  • Baril Zinc Primer with an Akzo Nobel top coat – 5 Yr Limited Warranty
  • Parker hydraulic hoses and fitting
  • Cottrell aluminum telescopic and single stage cylinders
  • USA Hardshell Wiring Harness
  • Truck Lite LED Lights with “Fit and Forget” connectors
  • Back up lights and alarms on mating headramps
  • Aluminum trailer air tanks
  • Cast Spring Locks and Quick release pawls
  • Curtiss Wright aluminum hydraulic valves
  • Green Bull aluminum ladders
  • Aluminum slide out loading skids with stainless steel rollers
  • Aluminum lightweight belly deck

Standard Upgraded Features

  • QuiXspinz® ratchets
  • Tiremaax Pro tire inflation systems
  • Dump valve
  • Strobe lights
  • Extra night loading LED lights

Options & Upgrades

  • Cottrell OEM Remote Start/Stop or 24 Volt green initiative hydraulic systems
  • Parker 510 plastic hose with 471 ST tuff cover protection
  • Air operated or digital dash mounted weight gauges
  • “Decks up”, jack knife and low voltage warning systems
  • OEM or Alcoa aluminum rims
  • Custom made aluminum tool boxes
  • Winter protection options including full or half aluminum belly pans and side curtains
  • Corrosion options such as the triple coat paint system and inside bottom rail coating
  • Chrome and extra light packages, custom mudflaps and custom paint colors and schemes
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