Cottrell CX-10HCS

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Model CX-10HCS High Sideframe Stack Car Hauler

Cottrell CX-10HCS

Standard Features

– Two (2) Year Structural Warranty
– Aluminum Track Sheets Tandem Hose and Valve Covers
– Quick Release Ratchet System for Straps
– Hendrickson INTRAAX axle / suspension combination with HLS hubs (5yr / 500k warranty)
– WABCO 4S / 2M ABS System
– Parker Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
– Curtiss Wright 4-Port Aluminum Valves with Flow Dividers in Select Positions
– Truck – Lite Incandescent Lights
– Factory Sealed Modular Wiring Harness
– Night Loading (5) and Rear Upper (2) Turn Signal and Marker Lights
– Sandblast, Prime and Akzo Nobel Autocoat LV Top Coat (5 yr Limited Warranty)
– Michelin Tires

Options & Upgrades

– 22.5″ or 19.5″ Axle Assembly
– Hendrickson Tire Inflation Systems
– Alcoa Aluminum Wheel Upgrade
– Parker 431 Rubber Dbl Wire or Parflex Thermoplastic Hose
– Stainless Steel Screw Drive over Tandem Deck
– Aluminum Flipper Upgrade
– L.E.D. Light Upgrade
– Additional Night Loading Lights
– Pneumatic Lift Kit and Weight Gauges
– Caution Signs and Strobe Lights
– Extra Light Packages
– Stainless Steel (Chrome) Packages

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