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Heavy Wrecker | 2023 Western Star 49X & Jerr-Dan JFB 60 Ton Independent Heavy Wrecker with SRS in Red - Stock#12980N

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2023 Western Star 49X & Jerr-Dan JFB 60 Ton Independent Heavy Wrecker with SRS in Red
Contact Sales 1-800-849-2178
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The 60 Ton JFB Independent Wrecker is a heavy-duty solution designed to meet the demanding needs of recovery and towing professionals. Offering impressive capabilities, stability, and power, this wrecker is a reliable workhorse.

Heavy-Duty Capabilities: The 60 Ton JFB Independent Wrecker stands strong with a remarkable lifting capacity that enables it to recover and tow heavy commercial vehicles, construction equipment, and other large loads. Its robust construction and components make it a reliable choice for heavy-duty operations.

Stabilizing Technology: Equipped with advanced stabilizing technology, the 60 Ton Heavy Wrecker ensures stability during lifting and towing operations. Its hydraulic outriggers provide a solid base and prevent the wrecker from tipping or swaying while working on uneven surfaces or challenging recovery situations.

Pulling Capacity: With its powerful winches and strategically placed anchor points, this wrecker delivers a strong pulling capacity. It enables secure and efficient recovery and towing, ensuring that even the heaviest vehicles can be safely retrieved.

Power: The 2023 Western Star 49X on a robust 560 Horsepower Detroit DD16 engine that provides ample power to tackle heavy loads. Its Allison 7 Speed  4700RDS powertrain ensures reliable performance, making it capable of handling the most demanding recovery tasks with ease.

Customization Options: This wrecker offers customization options to meet specific operator needs. Whether it’s additional storage compartments, specialized lighting, or specific winch configurations, the JFB Independent Wrecker can be tailored to suit individual requirements, enhancing efficiency and versatility.

2023 Western Star 49X
  • Engine: Detroit DD16
  • 560 Horsepower
  • Trans: Allison 4700 RDS
  • 7 Speed Automatic
  • Rear Ratio: 4.30
  • Brakes: Air
  • Front Axle: 22,000 lbs
  • Rear Axle: 46,000 lbs
  • Pusher: 20,000 lbs
  • Wheelbase: 354 in

Engineered with Jerr-Dan’s exclusive Incident Management-Driven (IMD) Design methodology, this hardworking wrecker features:

  • Roll-up storage doors — easy to see and be seen roadside
    • Boom and underlift control access from both sides of the chassis for safe, reliable operation
    • An independently shock-mounted body design, which flexes with chassis twist to reduce the wear associated with extreme-use conditions
    • Advanced LED lighting kit for high visibility

Equipped with a industry leading 3 Stage 60 Ton High Strength Hydraulic Boom featuring:

  • Wireless Proportional Remote for Boom and Winches
  • Max Boom extension 277” at 0º
  • Max Working height 424” at 51º (Ground to Hook)
  • Dual 50,000 lb Ramsey Winches
  • 35,000 lb Drag Winch

Jerr-Dan Side Recovery System

  • 35,000 lb Side Recovery Winch
  • Additional 36 in storage cabinet

Max Lifting Capacity:

Boom Angle Retracted Extended
30º 120,000 lb. 25,000 lb.


Coach Lift

  • 565 Coach Underlift: 56,500 lbs. Retracted lift capacity at 87 inches off tailboard
  • 17,600lb. Extended lift capacity at 181 inches off the tailboard
  • 12 Function Wireless Proportional Remote
  • 6 Function Non-Proportional Remote
JFB Silver Storage Solutions

The following describes the storage spaces available on this unit. The equipment stored in these compartments is sold separately. We offer a large selection of incident management equipment so ask your salesperson for assistance equipping your wrecker for the road.

This JFB 60 Ton Integrated Includes the Following Storage:

JFB 51” Painted Toolbox With 6,500 Pound Counter Weight
A Rotary Chain Rack
– Patent Pending Chain Carousel
– Free rotation with locking mechanism
Snatch Block Storage Spaces
– 4 designated adjustable size places for snatch blocks
A C-Tech Brand Toolbox
– All aluminum construction with powder coated finish
Frame Fork Storage
– Adjustable Polypropylene shelving for 9 sets of Frame Forks
Note: This unit is equipped with 4 sets of Frame Forks & a pair of Spring Lift Brackets
– Adjustable Polypropylene shelving for fork adapter, spring hanger adapter & pin bracket
– End cap / chain adapter steel storage solution
– Upgrade – Fork Riser Attachment 5X5

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This Unit May Also Be Referred To As:
Wheel Lift
Twin Line
Heavy Duty Wrecker



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