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Go Jak Dollies Will Solve the Problem


Scenario 1

This was supposed to be an easy tow. However, you get there to find that the car is not only parallel parked between other cars, but the customer is locked out of the vehicle.

Scenario 2

It’s a late-night repo. You need to get this car out of a “blocked” situation quickly, and quietly. This is even more difficult than what you had planned for.

Scenario 3

You’re staring at one super-expensive antique vehicle. It needs to be safely moved from one side of the storage area to the other. You don’t want to start this piece of history, let alone drive it.

Three situations with one easy solution…Break out the Go Jaks! This lightweight dolly system allows you to move blocked, locked or damaged vehicles into a proper hook-up configuration with tow trucks or car carriers. They also allow you to move an entire vehicle where you need it located.

Whether you need a vehicle moved a little, or completely rotated into a new position, this is your go-to dolly system. You can use just 2 units on the drive wheels to move the car into position to be towed, or you can use four Go Jaks (one each wheel) to move the car into a position anywhere it needs to be moved, with minimal effort, and precise placement.

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