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Is Your Diesel Truck Ready For The Cold?

Follow these essential winterization tips for a profitable season

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Is Your Diesel Truck Ready For The Cold?
Follow these essential winterization tips for a profitable season
By: Nia Joseph

  1. Top It Off
    The most basic maintenance step for any vehicle is an oil change. In diesel trucks, you benefit by following the manufacturer recommended change times. Diesel fuel contains paraffin, which causes it to gel up as it gets cooler. Using anti-gelling additives will help to counteract this.
  2. Engine
    Diesel engines are much harder to start in the winter because they require higher cylinder temperatures than gasoline powered engines. You can use a block heater to regulate engine temperature, such as the battery powered no idle Nite Phoenix system offered at East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales. Check all intake pre-heats and glow plugs as well.
  3. Fuel Filter & Water Separator
    Water contaminants in your fuel can lead to costly repairs.  Most diesel engines include water separators that isolate the water droplets from the fuel. Always check this daily for build-up and remember that filling up your tank regularly will minimize condensation.
  4. Hoses, Radiators and Belts
    These components should always be inspected to avoid failure. Belt cracks usually start on the inside, then eventually develop into larger pinhole sized leaks or burst. If you are not sure how to inspect these components for damage signs, then consult a professional: 757-465-2200.
  5. Batteries
    Freezing weather drains your battery faster. It is recommended that you check your battery life right before the winter months approach. Choose the best battery with cold-cranking abilities to help start the engine easier.  Check that all battery connections are tight, secure and clean.
  6. Air Dryer
    The air dryer is responsible for keeping contaminants and moisture out of the air system. If not functioning properly, it could freeze your brake system. East Coast can perform an air dryer inspection and filter change on your truck in preparation for a profitable winter season.
  7. Anti-Freeze
    Check the freezing point of your anti-freeze, with a test gauge, for adequate protection. It should remain at the best possible freeze point for the rest of the season. Because diesel engines have such a large liquid capacity it is a good idea to check and flush your system in accordance with your regular maintenance plan. If you don’t have one our Service Department can assist.
  8. Visit The East Coast Pros
    Preventative Maintenance will help you dodge costly repairs and downtime. Let us create a comprehensive maintenance plan for you. While doing-it-yourself may seem cost effective, lack of experience could lead to serious damage and safety hazards. Be safe, be smart and leave it to the professionals at East Coast Truck and Trailer.
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