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Amazing Need-to-Know Detailing Practices

Every dedicated truck driver knows and feels the love that I am about to express. This is not just a truck you say. Maybe you have a nickname for your truck; Mickey the Hi-Roller, Cab-Stabber or Buddy. For many truckers this is the lovable machine they wake up to at the crack of diesel dawn.

You remember what it’s like to roll through the roads with a shiny, freshly washed vehicle. This doesn’t just apply to car haulers and wreckers. No, this universal pride of your just waxed “Linda” is for every man with wheels.

Wait a second – cars and trucks aren’t the same when it comes to washing.

The main difference(s) between detailing a car, versus a boat, versus a truck are the size and parts. At East Coast we’ve detailed everything from RVs to boats, trailers and beyond.

 Let’s look at some of the steps it takes to get your transport from point a to point b. 

Truck Wash

Step 1: Wash Truck

When washing something as complex as a truck, you’re going to need an industrial wash bay. Lucky for you and your neighbors, we have one set up right here at your One Stop Trucking Shop.

The first thing we do is rinse the truck with hot water. Hot water helps to loosen up dirt and grime as we prepare for our wash. The water heaters of most homes are around 140°F or less. Due to residential piping systems you lose significant heat by the time the water hits the air.

Our commercial rinse tools produce an even, high-pressure spray at an effective temperature. This is another benefit of coming to a detail shop versus washing at home.

Tip! We use wash brushes with paint friendly bristles that do not scratch or damage your coat or rims. The arm brush is also designed to clean those hard-to-reach spots on the hood of the cab. It’s usually 10 feet, or longer, and is operated by a worker of an average human height.

Many people prefer a hand wash that requires a higher level of attention to detail. Hand washes are the most popular because the technicians can treat what a machine will miss.

Interested in making an appointment? Just give us a call or stop by. We can provide you with a competitive estimate and make driver friendly suggestions.


Speedy All Metal Polish

Step 2: Polish and Degrease

Maybe your truck needs a little extra love – beyond just a wash. If so you can always request one or more of the following add-on items:

♦ Aluminum Polishing

When it comes to greasy, dirty, gunky… you get the idea…. trucks. You’ll find your highest concentration of grime on the tanks, rims, steps, and tires. We perform acid washes to get rid of this. Acid washes should never be applied prematurely as they can cause permanent damage. This can be detrimental as  acid will eat through paint and other surfaces if left on for too long. Our trained technicians perform acid washes with no damage to your aluminum. 

We have a top of the line automated wheel polishing machine. This powerful technology allows us to sand and refurbish your wheels to a like new state. This can be especially useful when raising the resale value of your vehicle.   


♦ Engine Wash

Our engine wash uses a special degreaser that will cut through grime and stains like no other. After application, we then make sure to properly rinse off the chemicals and dry accordingly. Using hard bristles or non-engine specified cleaners can cause serious damage; our brushes are chemical resistant. You should never attempt to wash a hot engine!

Tip! Engine washes will rejuvenate your engine bay making it easier to maintain with simple weekly wipe-downs. 

Truck Wash 3


♦ Tire Dressing

Our tires always leave looking like new – that pitch black shine you see on new rubber. To accomplish this, we apply a coat of tire shine that also helps prevent cracking and fading. 

2015 Peterbilt 389 – 8299N

♦ Interior Cleaning

The interior is like your home, and it always feels good to return to a clean, fresh, house. We take a lot of pride in our work – making sure to use silicon and degreaser where necessary. Once the inside has been vacuumed, then you can also request a shampoo. Windows, dash, vents and other cab items are also cleaned.

2015 Peterbilt 389 – 8299N


Step 3: Wax On Wax Off

This is it – the last step of the complete detailing process. The tuxedo of all vehicles – wax. We use a spray wax with special equipment guaranteed to shine the entire unit. This is an especially good option for flat box/ tanker trailers and tractors. Just for an added effect, we’ll now cap you in on the secret: buff with wax. The fast, automatic, spin motion of the buffer, with the wax, makes for a better and brighter shine on paint.

Our technicians enjoy detailing with enthusiasm. For lead technician Robert Marable the job is done “when a customer comes in and is happy because I put my all into it.” 

This is a reflection of dedication and hard work to junior technician Nicole Baker. “It’s like art – just by paying attention to small details you can bring it back to life,” says Baker.

Well, now that you have a basic idea of what the full detailing process entails. Let’s look at dressing up your truck post wash and shine with some cool graphics, logos and concepts to rock. 


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