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Volvo Truck Recalls Will Affect Over 4,000 Vehicles

Tractor's Trailer Hand Brake Issue Could Cause Fire

Volvo 862Photo: Volvo Trucks

Volvo North America is recalling over 4,000 VNL, VNM and VAH truck models ranging from the years 2012-2015 with hand brake issues and defective steering drag links. 

The company announced the recall earlier this week in an attempt to fix safety issues in the three models. The VNL and VNM are largely affected by faulty trailer hand brake systems that may fail to return to the off position due to being restricted by the cut out in the trim panel.

This could cause the wheel end to overheat and potentially cause a wheel end fire or tire blowout. The recall is expected to begin Oct 13th, 2015. Volvo dealers are inspecting and extending the trim panel free of charge.

Volvo has begun notifying owners and drivers with affected vehicles. Drivers can call Volvo customer service at 800-528-6586 with recall number RVXX1503.



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