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Top 5 Trucking Stories of 2015

Log ScreenSome of the biggest trucking stories and most impactful changes in the auto transport industry took off in 2015.  From electronic logging mandates to self-driving trucks, scandals and more… It’s customary to round up the events and take a look back as we spring forward into the new year; enjoy these top picks. Let’s get our gears set for greatness in 2016!

  1. Electronic Logging Mandates made a controversial debut on the scene causing many drivers to gripe. The mandate which, require drivers of trucks 2000 and later to do away with paper logs and use electronic logging devices. Many drivers have expressed that due to the less predictable nature of trucking this is unrealistic and will cause many problems. The mandate is set to take effect in December 2017.
  2. The Truck Driver Shortage wrapped in fear delivered a shocking wake up call to millions of oblivious Americans, including Congress. We depend on truckers to deliver so much of our products, the decline which was forecasted to grow spawned many ideas such as the driver age restriction debate and employee management relations and procedures.
  3. The First Autonomous/ Self Driving Big Rig  hit Nevada roads showing how technology can impact the auto transport industries. Freightliner hoped to combat accidents due to issues like driver fatigue with it’s new invention.
  4. Volkswagen Emmision Tests Scandal – Cheated over 11 million cars emission tests- no comment and perhaps the EL Nino climate change can be attributed to… ha, jk!
  5. Uber-like Trucking Companies quickly responded to groaning gold mine of scarce drivers. Companies like TruckerPath who provide uber-like app based services for additional work set to haul in billions.



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