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Another season is just about in the books as summer comes to a close and autumn starts down the bend. For many people, fall is just a detour on the way to the winter freeze. But don’t be fooled – autumn presents unique highway and traffic conditions that every trucker should be aware of heading into late September and October. With the right preparation, truckers can enjoy a brisk fall and a welcome break from the sweltering heat and stifling humidity of summer.

1. Leaves on the road
In some parts of the U.S., fall foliage is breathtaking enough to bring in tourists and feature on calendar pages. But leaves are only beautiful when they’re still on the trees – when they’ [...]

Slow Down Move OverImagine working in an industry that makes the “Deadliest Catch” fishing industry seem like a cruise ship vacation. If you’re reading this, chances are good you already do. As a tow driver you work in an industry where you’re practically invisible – until it’s almost too late. In some states, you’re also invisible to the law telling people to slow down and move over when passing an incident or emergency on the highway.

Keep Truck TiresWe know tires are expensive. We also know most drivers mean to keep up with their tire maintenance programs, but driving often gets in the way. Until you drop a tread, or pick-up a bolt, it’s easy to forget about your tires. Problem is, tires are very unforgiving, and will eat up your profits any chance they get. Don’t let them. Here’s how.

1. Any tire showing damage is trying to tell you something.
You might need an alignment if you see certain patterns, so knowing which tire patterns to look for helps you identify the problem. Tire sites usually have a chart on types of damage to expect with each problem.

2. Keep tires of the same diameter together.
 (New with new. Used with used). If not, you end up with one tire skipping


Parts and Accessories Deemed Necessary for Safe Operation

Towmate WirelessThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announces its decision to grant TowMate, LLC’s (TowMate) application for a limited two-year exemption to allow motor carriers to operate rechargeable wireless temporary stop, turn, and tail lighting systems during temporary towing operations. Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs), all required lamps, with the exception of battery-powered lamps used on projecting loads, must be powered by the electrical system of the motor vehicle.

7 Reasons To Keep Your Truck Serviced

When was the last time your truck was serviced?

7 Reasons to keep you truck servicedConsistent truck maintenance is very critical due to work loads and traveling long distances. Sometimes we are so focused on work and the job at hand that maintenance services are forgotten. The more work you have the busier you are and the less likely you are to get basic maintenance done because nothing seems wrong.  Keeping your truck in tip top shape is better for your business and pockets. Check out these seven great reason below:

1. Save Money 

Keeping up with maintenance cost but its actually save your money in the long haul. For example is your regularly keep up with your oil changes it keeps your engine performing properly. But if you refuse to get your oil changed you are at risk of having your engine blow out costing more money to repair

PREVENT CARGO THEFTCargo theft is on the rise, and it’s everyone’s problem. Drivers are held primarily responsible, because they’re typically associated with the transport of the load. As a truck driver, you should know there are certain actions that keep you and your cargo safe:

Pick up in well-lit, secure areas

You already know to deliver and drop to secure areas, but picking up loads securely can be just as important. While we don’t often think of the customer as a threat, there are theft rings that specialize in calling for pick-ups at seemingly legitimate businesses, only to hi-jack a load when the driver gets to the location. Think of how many high-end cars you’ve had on [...]

6 Coca Cola Hacks Truckers Can Use

Life Hacks for Truck Drivers
Coca Colacoca cola hacks for truckersTruck drivers are constantly on the move and rely on tools that keep them going. Coca Cola, while being an enjoyable beverage, can also make time on the road much easier. Keep reading to discover the top Coca Cola hacks. 1) Pain reliever for insect bites and stings For truck drivers, summer brings longer days, beautiful scenery and the unforgettable “left arm tan.” Most importantly the season brings out insects. When bitten or stung by an insect, your skin is broken and injected with venom. It is normal to have a small amount of swelling, redness, pain, and itching at the site of the bite. Pouring Coke over a fresh sting or bite can help to neutralize the pain. 2) Defrost your windshield
Distracted DrivingThe American Trucking Association (ATA) is calling attention to the beginning of Distracted Driving Awareness Month by offering advice and insight from the elite professional truck drivers who make up ATA’s Share the Road highway safety program.  Since 1986, the Share The Road program has been teaching the public how to share the road with large tractor trailer trucks. The program’s goal is to change driving behavior so that we can save lives.Distracted Driving Awareness Month began in 2014 when the U.S. Department of Transportation noticed an increase in distracted driving and sought to bring awareness to the issue. Many organizations throughout the country are dedicated to improving highway safety. The ATA recognizes Distracted Driving Awareness Month as an impactful method to bring devotion to this cause, specifically among younger drivers.Share the Road professional truck drivers have enco [...]

Towing With A Tesla

Towing a Boat Tesla Style

TeslaHow do you get a boat out of your drive way without calling a tow man? Drive a Tesla apparently – Towing with a Tesla. The new Model X has a gross weight of 6,000 lbs, goes 0-60 in 3.2 seconds with a P90D modification. Tesla recommends this car to those in the market for an SUV with a need to tow. The model features a smooth interior with comfort designated seating and built in technology and medical grade HEPA filters for added safety.

Mobile Parts Truck

Bringing You Everything You Need for the Towing and Car Hauling Industries!

Mobile Parts TruckThis rigged up Freightliner mobile parts truck hits the pavement December 1st and will be fully stocked with the same great industry trusted brands we sell online. This mobile parts store is equipped with everything you need in the towing and auto transport industries.


Operation Safe Driver Week is set to kick off October 18-24, 2015. The campaign was first launched in 2007 with a focus on lowering and preventing the number of unsafe driving related injuries and deaths.

The program is spearheaded by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and state and local law enforcement.

According to the CSVA, 12,502 people were killed and more than 287,000 were injured in crashes involving at least one large truck or bus.


Volvo Truck Recalls Will Affect Over 4,000 Vehicles

Tractor's Trailer Hand Brake Issue Could Cause Fire

Volvo 862Photo: Volvo Trucks

Volvo North America is recalling over 4,000 VNL, VNM and VAH truck models ranging from the years 2012-2015 with hand brake issues and defective steering drag links. 

Uber-like Companies Set to Transform Trucking

Mobile Brokerage Will Haul in Billions

Volvo ATA TruckUber-like mobile transport apps are getting bigger – literally! The San Francisco based transportation company has inspired many copycats with its peer-to-peer taxi like platform that connects local riders to drivers, and now has some companies shelling out millions to be coined Uber-for-trucking.



Amazing Need-to-Know Detailing Practices

Every dedicated truck driver knows and feels the love that I am about to express. This is not just a truck you say. Maybe you have a nickname for your truck; Mickey the Hi-Roller, Cab-Stabber or Buddy. For many truckers this is the lovable machine they wake up to at the crack of diesel dawn.

GPSCMVSYou’ve seen the videos and pictures on the web. You know it happens – just not to you. And this is exactly how it starts.   Every day we see a video of a truck carrying a large load hitting a bridge, underpass or some other object of civil engineering. In fact, over 60 percent of states say that over-height accidents are considered a significant problem. The problem is so bad in the empire state that New York is installing “Over-Height Vehicle Detection Systems” to alleviate it. (You have to wait for troopers to guide you to another route if you’re over height, and that can’t be an enjoyable process.)   So, how do these strikes happen so frequently when we all know to measure twice and plan the route accordingly? It’s all about safety culture and technology. Just like
Race CarIt’s cold and absurdly early on this Las Vegas morning, but 30+ people couldn’t be happier. Not just because it’s Vegas, but because East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales is hosting their Richard Petty Driving Experience again. If you’ve never been, the Richard Petty Driving Experience is a thrill ride you control – starting at 100+ mph!   Every year, the folks at ECTTS ask a number of their friends and customers to come out for the driving experience of a lifetime. This is a chance to drive a car as fast as you can – without any fear whatsoever of a ticket. In fact, the faster the better! So much so, we keep track of the stats.  The day starts with a facility overview of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. There’s roughly 1,500 acres to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway,

Safety Legislation Newsletter:

Excellent read for autohauling, carhauling, Cottrell, and Autotransport information. This issue includes

Safety legislation: Definitely pertinent to today’s carhauler as safety has to be priority #!

Straps versus chains: Carhaulers are required by manufacturers to have strap units but what do you do if you have a chain unit trailer? Good information on what to do.

Will reducing the speed limit of your Carhauler be beneficial? opinions vary but
some trucking companies are going to this option


Safety Legislation Newsletter PDF

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Local tow truck company goes “green”
New environmental rules to be implemented starting next year
By Brenda Gazzar, Staff Writer
Posted: 05/16/2010 07:36:17 PM PDT


20100516_102407_SX17-TOWTRUCKS4Jan’s Towing heavy duty towing specialist Steve Coffee, from left, president Jan Qualkenbush and driver supervisor D. J. Johnston with a Kenworth 40 ton heavy recovery tow truck that has been retrofitted with a particulate filtering system making it an “eco friendly” diesel at his Azusa towing company May 12, 2010. About 75 per cent of Jan’s Towing trucks are environmentally safe diesel engines that are already complying with future air quality requirements. (SGVN/Staff photo by Leo Jarzomb)Like other service shops around the nation, Jan Qualkenbush’s towing business [...]

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