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Keep Truck TiresWe know tires are expensive. We also know most drivers mean to keep up with their tire maintenance programs, but driving often gets in the way. Until you drop a tread, or pick-up a bolt, it’s easy to forget about your tires. Problem is, tires are very unforgiving, and will eat up your profits any chance they get. Don’t let them. Here’s how.

1. Any tire showing damage is trying to tell you something.
You might need an alignment if you see certain patterns, so knowing which tire patterns to look for helps you identify the problem. Tire sites usually have a chart on types of damage to expect with each problem.

2. Keep tires of the same diameter together.
 (New with new. Used with used). If not, you end up with one tire skipping

Mobile Parts Truck

Bringing You Everything You Need for the Towing and Car Hauling Industries!

Mobile Parts TruckThis rigged up Freightliner mobile parts truck hits the pavement December 1st and will be fully stocked with the same great industry trusted brands we sell online. This mobile parts store is equipped with everything you need in the towing and auto transport industries.

Highway Bill Misses Thanksgiving Mark

Compromises Pave Progress for Congress

The House of Representatives has failed to pass the Highway Bill since it first announced its Thanksgiving plans of delivery. Without much shock, to the general public, this would make for the 36th straight short-term patch to the Highway Trust Fund. The patch will extend funding through December 4th as Congress continues to work out the compromise bill.

Previously the House successfully passed the Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act on November 5th while the Senate passed its version which lacked the needed funded for six years.

The House approved the Drive Act with a spending budget of up to $261 billion on highways and $55 billion on transit over six years. The qualm with this is that the legislation includes just enough money to pay for the first three months.

“I am very pleased, that after ten years of short-term band-aids and extensions, the House finally passed a bipartisan, six-year transportation bill,” said Rep.

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