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The Driver Shortage is Real!

Executives Discuss Truck Driver Retention at CCJ Market Movers Meeting


CCJ Market Movers is a town-hall style meeting held each Thursday at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. What was the hot topic of this meeting? You guessed it – the auto transport industry’s truck driver shortage and retention techniques.

It seems that even the managers and CEOs are frustrated by the numbers. Like a plague, this is a universal problem in the transportation industry; small and big companies face many challenges. Many of which were discussed in this story.

I don’t care if you’re running 50 trucks or 5,000, you have a driver problem,” – David Parker of CTG

But don’t just stop reading there! No, it’s the comments in this piece that really break the ice on the topic – giving you live and direct groans from the seasoned drivers who reminisce on the good ole days and share gripe about modern mayhem.

How do you feel about the driver shortage and what steps can be taken to improve management relations with their fleet?    >>GO






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