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Thanksgiving Special!


Welcome to East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales Newsletter

It’s the time of year for giving thanks to those we appreciate. Our Customers.
To all of our customers we will offer FREE shipping on all orders over $200.00 placed between Thur, Nov 27th – Sunday, Nov 30th. (Excludes ODF items and clearance items.)
Simply sit back, log on to Parts.ECTTS.Com and get your shopping done without having to brave the weather, or the crowds. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Perfect Turkey?

If you’re fixing turkey this thanksgiving (and who isn’t?), you’re probably expecting a moist, juicy bird. While everyone hopes their bird will turn out that way, what if there was a way to make it happen every time?
This is going to seem strange, at first, but you’ll get the idea of why it’s necessary.
First, after you have removed the giblets, and rinsed the bird, place the turkey in the roasting pan upside down (breast meat down).
Second, do not stuff the bird. Place ¼ cup of butter inside the bird, and place the remaining ¼ cup of butter in the pan with 1 cup of water.
Now cover the bird, and cook for 3 hours and 3o minutes (13lb bird), at 350 degrees F.
In the last 30-to 45 minutes you need to turn the bird over to cook without the cover, until brown, if you want the breast skin brown and crispy.
After the turkey is done (Thigh meat is 180 degrees F) , You can use the remaining juices to make gravy, or work into the dressing, according to your tastes.
Some variations of this recipe call for using apple juice, instead of water. Others call for cooking the bird in an oven bag, and using a blend of olive oil and butter. One thing all the cooks have to say about this method is that this produces a moist, juicy bird – every time. Enough said.

On the Road Thanksgiving

So, you’re going to be on the road this thanksgiving. That means you’re going to be passing by truck stops, and you’re going to need to know where some great grub can be found. Problem solved. Here are some of the truck stops that have great food figured out.

Dysart’s Truck Stop and Restaurant – Bangor, ME
Berky’s Restaurant at Lee Hi Travel Plaza – Lexington, VA
R Place Restaurant – Morris, IL
Iowa 80 Truck Stop – Walcott, IA
Johnson’s Corner – Johnstown, CO
Billy Bob’s Texas Truck Stop – Fort Worth, TX
Omar’s Hi-Way Chef Restaurant – Tucson, AZ

Needless to say, this is only a small sampling. We’ve tried to compile a list that goes across the continent, but if you know of others you’d recommend, certainly e-mail us, and we’ll try to get those out there during the holiday season, as well.

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