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Preparing for Brake Safety Week

Before Inspection Reminder


To help you better prepare for this week-long inspection spree we went directly to the source, the CVSA, to bring you helpful resources and educational materials. There’s also plenty of additional information worth checking out on the CVSA website.

Download and Print these CVSA Resources to Brush-up on Your Brake Knowledge:

Brake Inspection Checklist: Download and print a one-page brake inspection checklist for quick and easy reference on-the-go.

Airbrake Pushrod Stroke Brochure: Valuable information on air brake chamber pushrod stroke including the procedure for accurate measurement.

A Drivers Reference to Self Adjusting Brake Adjusters: How drivers can ensure that their automatic slack adjusters are being properly diagnosed and repaired.

Diagnosing an Out-of-Adjustment Self-Adjusting Brake: A one-page pdf exploring underlying issues that can cause brakes to go out-of-adjustment.

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