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Planning out a vacation

How to keep your operation on track
Taking a vacation, or just getting away from the trucking rat race for a few days is something many small and micro-motor carrier owners place on the back burner because they either think they can’t afford it or that their business will go down the tubes if they take a week or two off. On the contrary, as far-fetched as this may seem, a vacation is easily possible with just a bit of proper planning and foresight.

Research shows Americans, not just trucking company owners, work more than anyone in the industrialized world. They take fewer vacation days, work longer hours, and retire later. Several different studies have shown that taking time away from the job has both physical and psychological health benefits. People who take vacations have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals.

With all that said, when you own a business,

An app touted as the “Uber for tow trucks” has raised $24 million in a new round of funding overnight as insurance companies look to capitalize on an idea that could change the entire industry.

Honk, a US-based start-up currently only operating in America, links tow truck associations with insurance companies to offer 24/7 roadside assistance controlled through a smartphone app.

Just like Uber, users can request a tow truck around the clock and have the nearest operator connected to them, provided they are interested in taking the job. Users can also rate a tow truck driver based on speed, customer service and pricing.

Honk offers services such as towing, changing tyres, delivering fuel and assisting with drivers [...]


Remaining Cool and Safe in the Heat

Whether you’re a fan of warm weather or you prefer to stay inside where it’s air-conditioned, you can’t deny that summer is HERE!  Today is the first day of Summer and the temperatures have been soaring and the sun is blazing. And for tow truck drivers, the change in season means a new set of risks to look out for – roadwork, traffic, weather, sunlight, and heat, to name a few. So, how can a tow truck driver prepare for the new hazards and risks?


Check out the following summer tow truck driving tips.


1. Be mindful of construction and roadwork.

Summer is prime time for construction, which can mean closed lanes, delays, detours, and traffic. Be extra careful as you navigate through the work zones, which might resemble a maze of pylons more than a road. Pay attention to all road signs and obey them. Slow down, take it easy, and watch for construction

CarHauler Takes the Win at Shell ROTELLA SuperRigs

How this Victory Honors a Fathers Legacy and Dream for his Son

Georgia-based Car- Hauler owner-operator Eric Turner Sr. earned Best of Show at the 36th annual Shell Rotella SuperRigs in Raphine, Va., this past weekend with his 2015 Peterbilt 389 and 2018 Wally-Mo car hauler.

For winning the competition, Turner took home $10,000 from Shell Rotella and $5,000 from Mac Trailer. Turner’s Pete also picked up the award for Best Interior at the show.

“It feels so good to win the best of show,” Turner said. “Like I said earlier when I was in the judging lane, when I was growing up, all my dad ever had on his tool box was a Shell ROTELLA calendar. And he always said, ‘son one day, [...]

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that was signed into law by President Trump on Dec. 22, 2017, contains numerous changes that will affect individuals, as well as businesses large and small. The new tax law has both good and bad news for company drivers but mostly good news for owner-operators and fleet operators.

Owner Operators – Sole Proprietors or S-Corporations

Self-employed individuals and companies will get the same deduction they have always had in the past. Owner-operators will still be able to take a per diem for meals and incidentals, just as they have in the past, since they are in business for themselves, and those costs are deductible business expenses. The new law also implements a 20 percent deduction on net business profits of Pass-Throughs which includes S corporation or sole proprietorship to non-corporate taxpayers, including [...]

Join Us for the Florida Tow Show 2018, April 5-8!

Orlando, Florida - April 5th - 8th 2018
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Are you ready for the 2018 Florida Tow Show? The event is full of fantastic sunny weather, meeting new friends in the towing industry, and exciting new models of trucks, equipment, and showpiece rigs. Hotel rooms are selling out fast – there’s special “Tow Show” room rate pricing at great family friendly hotels like the Holiday Inn and the Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace. The show itself is at the Orlando Hilton – there are still a few rooms left, so hurry!

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U.S. Department of Transportation Seal

Most commercial drivers do not like the mention of DOT inspections, but it doesn’t have to be so hard if you know what’s expected of you. It is advisable to be conversant with the different requirements needed during the various levels of a DOT inspection. A DOT inspection is a routine annual checkup for all commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) weighing over 10,000 pounds to ascertain their safety on the road.

Here is what all commercial drivers should know about a DOT inspection:

Have your paperwork ready

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Mercedes-Benz Future Truck - 2025With the world’s seemingly unending obsession with technology automation, it should come as no surprise that companies are leading the trucking industry into the future with the development of self-driving technology. In the sweep of advancements that are changing the way we live, work, and play, the trucking industry won’t be left behind. So, how far away are we from self-driving trucks?

Experts are suggesting that self-driving trucks may surface even before self-driving taxis. And although it is predicted that we are at least a decade away from completely autonomous self-driving trucks, several companies have thrown their hat into the ring, and are investing billions of dollars to make this concept a reality.

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