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Driving down the parking lot with all these big rig Peterbilt Trucks looking like candy. Pick a color – We have Western Star, Freightliner, Sterling, Peterbilt trucks ; new and used ready to start working for you today!

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Slow Down Move OverImagine working in an industry that makes the “Deadliest Catch” fishing industry seem like a cruise ship vacation. If you’re reading this, chances are good you already do. As a tow driver you work in an industry where you’re practically invisible – until it’s almost too late. In some states, you’re also invisible to the law telling people to slow down and move over when passing an incident or emergency on the highway.

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5 ways rig generate $50,000

Very few people have the opportunity to give themselves a $50,000.00 raise per year. You, as an owner/operator of your rig, tractor trailer, have that opportunity. You’ve probably heard any number of these recommendations before, but we’ve put them all together - and done the math. If you want results, some bad habits need to be broken and some equipment needs to be installed. Let’s start with 5 realistic ways you can make much more money with your rig.

1) Stop Idling!

You and I both know drivers that have bad habits. First, there’s idling. Of the 24 hours available, 11 are over the road and the other 13 are consumed idling – usually just for convenience. While there are any number of re [...]

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PREVENT CARGO THEFTCargo theft is on the rise, and it’s everyone’s problem. Drivers are held primarily responsible, because they’re typically associated with the transport of the load. As a truck driver, you should know there are certain actions that keep you and your cargo safe:

Pick up in well-lit, secure areas

You already know to deliver and drop to secure areas, but picking up loads securely can be just as important. While we don’t often think of the customer as a threat, there are theft rings that specialize in calling for pick-ups at seemingly legitimate businesses, only to hi-jack a load when the driver gets to the location. Think of how many high-end cars you’ve [...]

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Extend Your HaulEvery mile counts.

As a hauler you probably hear and say that often. Miles are money, and when you can keep rolling, instead of paying for yet another oil change drain – in money and downtime; those miles can pay for more of what you really want.

So, how do you go about extending your rig’s oil life? If you’re like some, you keep idling to a bare minimum. Others depend on advanced formula oils, and expensive synthetics that extend the life of the oil with formulation and additives. While this works, to a certain degree, still others have found a way to keep from draining their oil unless absolutely necessary. The key to long oil life is an oil bypass filter.

Oil bypass filters (OBF) are a proven way to keep your oil clean and dramatically

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Scenario 1 This was supposed to be an easy tow. However, you get there to find that the car is not only parallel parked between other cars, but the customer is locked out of the vehicle. Scenario 2 It’s a late-night repo. You need to get this car out of a “blocked” situation quickly, and quietly. This is even more difficult than what you had planned for. Scenario 3 You’re staring at one super-expensive antique vehicle. It needs to be safely moved from one side of the storage area to the other. You don’t want to start this piece of history, let alone drive it.Three situations with one easy solution...Break out the Go Jaks! This lightweight dolly system allows you to move blocked, locked or damaged vehicles into a proper hook-up configuration with tow trucks or car carriers. They also allow you to move an entire vehicle where you need it located. Whether you need a vehicle moved a little, or completely rotated into a new po [...]
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Truck Maintenance In the Summer

Get Summer Preventative Maintenance Plans.    Walk-ins Welcomed.     Monday - Saturday.      757-465-2200

Hot weather can cause costly damage to your trucks if you're not prepared. If you don't have a proper truck maintenance plan set up for your fleet, then now is the time to schedule one. A few minutes looking over these important Summer maintenance tips will help you keep your drivers comfortable and cool. Tires Extreme heat and temperature conditions can cause your tires to blowout and reduce the gripping. If you're a driver moving between statelines (climates), then it's critical to check your tire pressure and tread depth at least once a month. Check your tires for everything! Look for cracks (on your wheel [...]

6 Coca Cola Hacks Truckers Can Use

Life Hacks for Truck Drivers
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Coca Colacoca cola hacks for truckers Truck drivers are constantly on the move and rely on tools that keep them going. Coca Cola, while being an enjoyable beverage, can also make time on the road much easier. Keep reading to discover the top Coca Cola hacks. 1) Pain reliever for insect bites and stings For truck drivers, summer brings longer days, beautiful scenery and the unforgettable “left arm tan.” Most importantly the season brings out insects. When bitten or stung by an insect, your skin is broken and injected with venom. It is normal to have a small amount of swelling, redness, pain, and itching at the site of the bite. Pouring Coke over a fresh sting or bite can help to neutralize the pain. 2) Defrost your windshield Coca [...]
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