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      5 Pack | 2019 Ford F-750 & Cottrell 5 Pack Strap in Black - Stock#10090N

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      2019 Ford F-750 & Cottrell 5 Pack Strap

      Contact Sales 1-800-849-2178
      Ask about this truck by stock number: (10090N)


      This new 2019 Black Ford F-750 and Cottrell 5 pack strap Carrier is equipped with a Power Stroke 6.7L 330HP Engine, TorqShift 6 Speed Automatic transmission, 281″ wheelbase, 5.57 rear ratio, and air suspension. The F-750 features a low cab height of 91 inches allowing you to maximize your load space. The head rack comes in a full 8 inches lower than on other brand’s chassis.

      The 5-Pack Metro Strap unit has proven to be a solid utility for many auto transport companies. Combined with a strategy to distribute vehicles over short lengths and to metro locations, Cottrell’s 5-Pack Metro Strap can supplement your equipment line up. Engineered with the same systems used in their custom headramps, built to industry leading quality standards with soft tie capabilities, this unit offers amazingly quick loading capacity and can be operated quickly and efficiently.

      Be sure to ask our sales experts about additional features we offer for your hauler such as trailer curtains, belly pans, and additional custom lighting. We also carry accessories such as trailer load height sticks, trailer safety flags, and tie down bars.

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      Stock Number:10090N
      Unit Location:2906 Elmhurst Ln. Portsmouth, VA 23701
      Type:Car Haulers
      Exterior Color:Black
      Engine Type:Powerstroke 6.7L
      Fuel Type:Diesel
      Transmission:TorqShift 6-speed automatic
      Transmission Gears:6 Speed
      Drive Tires:275/80R 22.5
      Steer Tires:275/80R 22.5
      Wheelbase:281 in.
      Front Axle Weight:14,000 lbs.
      Rear Axle Weight:23,000 lbs
      Interior Color:Black / Gray Cloth
      Trailer Year:2021
      Trailer Manufacturer:Cottrell
      Trailer Model:5 Pack Metro Strap
      Strobe Lights:Yes


      This Unit May Also Be Referred To As:
      Auto Hauler
      Car Carrier
      5 Pack
      Car Hauler


      Dan Short

      Industry Expert

      James Alexander

      Industry Expert

      Robert Robertson

      Industry Expert

      Scott Keyes

      Industry Expert

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